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  • I'm fine thank you, just had some surgery so getting over that at the moment, supposed to be resdting but you know what us business owner are like. so, so sorry to hear about your Dad at least he is at rest and I'm sure watching over you. I did see you were being stalked on here, or rather I read a few threads about legalities etc but not sure who she actually was and like you say you have other priorities. Just take care of yourself and hope the new premises are going well. Much love x

    I tried to pm you but says your inbox needs to be cleared. I thought I would drop you a line as not seen any posts or threads from you lately and one of your last blogs was very sad. So just hope your ok and looking after yourself x

    We are opening a new salon in Liverpool and looking for a reputable botox nurse/doctor can you recommend any?


    Chantal & melissa
    finally took the plunge to sign up. thank you for your words of welcome. you certainly have been busy posting messages !!!!! it will take me all night to read through them !!!!!!
    Pingback - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia probably explains it better than I can... it's something I haven't got involved with personally yet...
    I dont see any album, i must be blind, ye dont miss a beat with the aul facebook ad, hahah no bother at all,love yer fb page !
    I may be looking at the pic wrong, but its as tiny as the pic thats ists eside when ye write a comment, no picture allbum etc, so all i can make out is dark hair and two ppl that look the same feckin age !!!!wehoo!
    If you ask me, the power connector on that particular laptop is more a case of "style over substance" though - as every time you open and close the lid on the laptop, the power jack rotates along with the screen - which I reckon is the cause of the failure, as it will have caused the existing soldering to snap... so saying, it probably won't be the first time I have to make this particular fix given the amount I use my laptop - so being able to do it myself will save a lot of money in the long run...
    Yes, I'd much rather pay 20 odd quid for a soldering kit and do the job myself than pay someone 60 quid and perhaps be without the laptop for a day or two while they do the work (although, so saying, Sonia was with me when I went to Maplin's this afternoon and found a printer that she liked the look of which I ended up buying too, so I probably spent more overall than I would have done if I'd taken the laptop in for a bloke to have a look at). Thankfully, the power jack isn't soldered directly onto the motherboard on my particular laptop (an Acer 8920G) - instead, there are wires coming off from the motherboard going on to the power jack - I wouldn't touch the motherboard with a barge pole let alone a soldering iron - so it's a relatively straightforward soldering job that's a lot less risky than soldering onto a printed circuit board directly - it shouldn't be much worse than soldering microphone cable onto an XLR connector, for example.
    Thanks for the rep - although quite by accident that I was viewing the website on my Linux box on account of the power cable problem with my laptop (thankfully I've got the soldering kit now and will fire it up shortly to get my laptop back in commission - can't survive without that for any length of time as I can't do much in the way of development work without it and also need it for the office on Monday too)... at least it looks like a relatively straightforward soldering job though LOL...
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