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  • Thanks for your reply. I really wasn't clear in my message I know. Its just I can't afford to get it wrong as I've spent so much and have taken nothing in yet. Just wanted to know if I should also offer a gel as well as shellac. Most require you do the training etc and I can't afford to do it at the moment. Was hoping for some comments on good gels to offer as an alternative to shellac but thanks very much for your reply.
    HI, I merged 2 of your threads as it was duplicating the same question. I have also asked The Geek for some clarification as to what access people on phone apps have and will hopefully have some answers for you soon! Nice 3d flowers by the way !!
    Hey there! Thanks alot for your lovely comments on my pictures! Maybe these videos could help you with your smile-lines:

    Reverse Body Application - YouTube
    Reverse Free Edge Application - YouTube

    Good luck! :D
    Hello there. Thank you for the kind picture comment. The plate I used was konad m73.
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