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  • That would be great, although I imagine it'll be me getting more tips from you! Maybe we can sort something out after xmas. x
    Small world!! Just looked at your album, your nails are fab! I'm just trying to get to grips with L&P - not going great so far! I've invested in Gelish which is seeming to go down quite well. x
    Hiya, I've just noticed that you are in Northampton, and just wondered whereabouts? I'm in Thrapston - would be nice to know a local tech! x
    sheeesh ! 12 hours ! they better book me a direct flight.
    i have to start work the day after i arrive, i have only travelled to places where the time zone is 5 hours behind us, when i'm there i feel fine but when i come back i get very bad jet lag. i am wondering how going the other way will affect me, will i feel ill while i'm there and better when i come back ?
    going in 3 weeks time. its just a very short trip for work. im over there for 3 or 4 days to teach at the hong kong distributor for lechat nail products. i know i wont have a lot of time, but i'll get a flavour of what the place is like. how long is the flight ?
    They are sooo cute!! Well i will look out for when I upload more!! hehe!!

    Ummmm i am good thanks!! Enjoying the sunny weather woop woop! =) x x
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