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  • Hiya, I just saw a post from you and noticed your from Lincoln. I'm looking to move there in the next few months as my hubbs has got a new job. I havn't had chance to have a good nosey around there yet, just wondered what it's like for salons there? is there loads?! i'm not sure whether to try and get a job in a salon or try and rent a room somewhere. do you have your own salon/mobile? hope u dont mind me being nosey! lol, Jenna x x
    Hello, i saw a thread where you offered to help someone with their itec waxing case study? is there any chance you'd consider helping me?
    OMG i am so glad to hear it!! I wish I could av been there. Do you recommend it then? What do ya think of sculpting? I prefer it to tips as your free to do what you like and my clients say it feels more real!! xx
    me too, i will let you know if I am going or not. I really am gonna do everything possible to go.
    lol! I really hope I can make it, I havent booked yet as im checking if I can afford to do it but Jo said not to worry about time and she would squeeze me in last min if needed, bless her! It wouldbe ace to meet a fellow geek too. x
    Hey I just read that you are going on a progression course for L&P next month. Is it at red10 in Donny? I am hoping to be on that course too!!

    thanks babe- you really are good to me- this site is such an education and i don't mean hair nails and beauty
    Thanks sodabubble!! I just feel it is a shame that it has come to this. Big hugs to you too.
    Thank you for adding me as a friend..hugs again!! xxx
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