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  • Hiya, very sorry. I only really check this on my phone and the app doesn't say you have any notification :/ I am based in Waterlooville Portsmouth. My website is Fliss' Beauty - Home however I'm sure you have found a fabulous lasher by now :) but if your still looking then feel free to contact me :) x

    I trained with the London School of Champissage with one of their tutors Mary Dalgeish. She is an amazing trainer.

    Jane x
    Thanks so much for your reply about the lashes! Good to hear you're getting on well with flirties and thanks for advice about primer/sealant. Really helpful! Defo going to try the flirties glue :biggrin:
    Thank you so much for asking. Okaaay i guess. Getting about thirty on each eye in 90 minutes. Im happy that i do choose different lashes and looks for each client but tbh cant really say that every lash goes on perfectly. I certainly dont get the whole lash bonded so end up with 'fishtails' (saw it described this way on here lol). I have been a bit under the weather though and think i should improve now i feel better.

    Isnt this site fab? I truly appreciate your support. How long have you been lashing?
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