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    Question from beauty geek re colour correction

    Hi hair expert geeks, just popped over from beauty boards for some advice, hope you dont mind. I've been colouring my hair with a permanent high street box colour (dont shout at me!). The condition is good but its very dark brown and i want to go a more chocolatey colour with some...
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    ££ - Spray tan charges

    £20. People are happily paying. Am not in a particularly posh area. To be honest, if i saw a tan advertised for £8 i would think it was a crappy solution. Wonder how many cheapo tans really are St Tropez etc. Plenty of fake shellac around. Sure tans are the same. Charge what you are...
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    Perfect baby pink polish?

    Love both of those thank you And very good tip about layering over ivory :)). :idea:
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    Perfect baby pink polish?

    Shameless bump!
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    Perfect baby pink polish?

    Surely between us we can find one lol
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    Perfect baby pink polish?

    I'd like a baby pink polish for toenails. Must have good coverage, not look patchy, be a proper colour and not just a french mani type pink, not sparkly. What do you suggest. Thankyou xxxxx
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    Tips for tanning wrists, please

    Thank you so much fir taking the time to reply xxx I do understand the flick - somewhere on here a clever geek described the movement as an upside down Y. And think i have been a bit mean with barrier cream. I L O V E tanning and really want to be perfect at it. Thank you again...
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    Tips for tanning wrists, please

    Ive been spray tanning for about four months and it is going really well. But this last week several people have said the inside of their wrists looked a bit messy. The tan stops abruptly at the wrist in a kind of ragged patchy splodgy line. Same thing down the side of the thumb. Have seen...
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    Easily offended but.....spray tanning

    That, Deebaneenee, is genius! I say "really? Well beauticians LOVE this one because of the quality - and we are verrrrry hard to please.". All of which is absolutely true.
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    Lash perm, let's bring it back!

    I last saw an eyelash perm done about ten years ago and thought the curl was too tight. I was expecting a bigger sweep and lift if you see what i mean. Is there a better way of doing this now? Lots of my clients are more mature and wary of sp lash extensions but i can see that a tint...
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    Clarisonic or similar

    Thank you :)
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    Clarisonic or similar

    Bumping as still wondering :lol:
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    Clarisonic or similar

    Does anyone use a Clarisonic brush on their clients? Or maybe something similar? And if so, how would you clean the brush?
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    What do you say when people ask where you get your retail from and how much it costs?

    I roll my eyes and say "oh I go all over the place to source the best products, takes me forever and costs me a fortune" So there lol
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    Nouvatan Training

    I too did Nouvatan training this week. I was thoroughly impressed by everything. And their customer care just spot on. You know how some companies just get it right, right, right? Nouvatan is one of them.