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    Trouble with "wide" nails

    one of the girls i went to school with has marfan syndrome and has REALLY wide, huge thumb nails and long thumbs. we would sculpt her nails since no tips would fit them and put tips on the fingers that tips would fit on, scupting the rest since her hands were some what odd looking. her...
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    moods nail varnish

    i loved them, too. i still have a couple that havent turned icky. the black/silver and purple/teal were my favorites
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    akzentz site and virus warning

    i guess its the US site...i'd just gone to and thats what come up on the virus scan. its blocked by my computer now so i cant tell you. i just remember the main page had pots of gel on it
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    akzentz site and virus warning

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    akzentz site and virus warning

    i was looking at akzentz last nite and right now my daily virus scan is going and caught a trojan horse from akzentz. i dont know if they got hacked or what since i was looking at the akzentz stuff a few days ago and nothing happened. but i thought id warn everyone and if anyone knows someone...
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    Tip or sculpt?? Which do you prefer??

    it depends on the persons nails. if they have huge wide nail beds, i prefer to sculpt since it doesnt take me as long. and it depends on if im doing nail art with acrylic, i guess it just depends like i said. so ...either way LOL:smack:
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    Oval or square nails?

    i like square but always get squoval because i usually spear myself with the sharp corners of the square. plus its hard to take my eyes out with the square.:green: oval nails are FUUUUUGLY! but youre right about the age thing although its a mix on square and squoval here. it depends on...
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    Cuccio samples!

    i went thru the website and i never got my samples. so poo in their shoe
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    Cuccio samples!

    i emailed for mine in february and never got them
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    Moral Dilemma

    oy what a relief! y'know, i have a cat thats about due for a butt cut (shes long-haired) if some of the cheaper brush companies need some bristles. LOL china has no probs passing maine coon hair off as sable so hey, why not give it a try? :green: theres plenty on the back of my furniture...
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    Moral Dilemma

    i always wondered about the hairs in my brush. do they just shave them from the animal or ... :(?
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    Cruise Ships?

    i think it would SUCK!! but i get severely seasick -- i cant even watch boats on tv LOL so i dont think my opinion matters haha
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    Why is my acrylic not setting????

    has your weather changed at all? our humidity changes here several times a day(from reaaalllly high to low) and screws with my beads; its really frustrating.:(
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    i got them a few days ago. just waiting for the kinks to work out. like i said, its all good

    i got them a few days ago. just waiting for the kinks to work out. like i said, its all good
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    thanks but its all good -- just morons in the clinic LOL

    thanks but its all good -- just morons in the clinic LOL