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    Coffee for friendless geeks

    I'm from Wiltshire [emoji4]
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    Valentine's Day nails?

    Shellac wildfire, excuse the regrowth had them on for a week
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    Mobile make up artists near me?

    Or a salon x x
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    Mobile make up artists near me?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a mobile make up artist near me. Need help with make up techniques and using the right make up for my skin. I live in Marlborough, Wiltshire. Thank you x
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    Skin redness

    Thanku, I will have to have a look at the ones in my area. I use Mac make up and I swap between the Clarins cleanser yoner and moisturiser and the Clinique. X
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    Skin redness

    Thanks for your reply, Iv tried green and a yellow one and yellow works better for me but I wanted to know if I could get rid of it more then anything x
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    Skin redness

    Hey geeks, Wondered if any one knows how/what I can do about the redness in my cheeks? They are constantly red and I can cover up with loads of make up but I am going on holiday soon and I don't want to be wearing make up through the day! The photo doesn't look to bad but they are redder than...
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    CND The Event 2015

    How do u get tickets? X
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    Unsure about Gel ll

    I have given it a go as well!! I love cnd shellac but heard such good reviews so thought I would give it a go! Iv had mine on for 2 weeks, not one chip, nails feel nice and strong, it's super shiny still aswell which I'm impressed with! I thought it did smell a bit but doesn't bother me. The...
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    Pics of Gel II colours

    Can anyone recommend a red that's close to wildfire shellac in the gel ll Thank u X x
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    Gel ll

    Thanku!! ☺️x x
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    Gel ll

    What's the nicest baby pink? X x
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    Facebook page/group

    Thank you, I know I'm not sure how a group works either x
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    Facebook page/group

    Hey guys, Thought I would set up a page or group on Facebook so I can post my work. Do any of you have one? If so do you have a page or a group? Not sure what the difference is! Thanks x x x
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    Facebook page/group