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  • Hi Sophie,
    I realise this an old post but are you able to mail me the breakdown for shellac costings please?

    Many thanks
    Samantha x
    Just so you know, Sophie has been absent from Salon Geek since the middle of 2015.
    Hi Sophie,
    I read on one of the threads on here that you trained in beauty later in life. I'm writing a feature for BABTAC's magazine, Vitality, about this. Are you a BABTAC member? If so, I'd love to arrange to speak to you.
    Best wishes,
    WOW!! Sophie you cannot say fairer that that! If I were you I'd jump at that offer...............wherever I live in the UK!!

    In fact, if you live near me, let me know and I will come too if you want some company.
    I'm in between Bath and Yeovil in somerset.
    Can you tell me where in the uk YOU ARE? iT IT ANYWHERE near to Manchester or Leeds? Could you possibly get up to Leeds on a train .. cause if you could I will give you a whole day if you need it with me to get to the bottom of your issues with Shellac. Bring a friend if you want and we will shellac away for as long as you want. Completely free of charge apart from your train or journey and I'll even buy you lunch. What do you say? I will be in the UK from the 13th until the end of July. Pm ne and we shall see what we can do.
    sorry my emails are or

    thanks lyn x
    Hi, Im about to venture into the unknown and attempt to build a very simple,basic site to advertise my tanning business......would you mind letting me know your web site address not to copy in any shape or form, simply to have peek at what you have been able to do yourself....hopefully ill get inspired and off I go,I have a very rare day all to myself tomorrow so plan to get started whilst its quiet here! thanks lyn x
    Oh My Gosh Sophie, you've been there, done it and got the t.shirt!! You have actually given me a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
    Thank you xxxx
    merry Christmas to you too hun best of luck and remember enjoy your new business venture! Nails are a bloody addiction i tell yu x x x
    Hi Sophiegees
    I noticed in a thread of yours that you seemed to have an understanding of profit and loss and stock. I have been asked to do a 3x month financial prediction and wondered if you knew whether there is a rough % guide that can be deducted from a nail treatment to cover products used. i.e Full set of Gel I charge client £30 and 5% is stock??? Otherwise I think I will have to get each product and work it out i.e. 100 nail tips cost £7 divide by 20; nail glue £4 how many tips can I do from a bottle etc etc and the thought is overwhelming!!
    Love this site and thanks for your threads of help so far
    Sophie, thanks for the rep. I wanted to go a little bit more in depth on the glitter, if it's okay. I apply it with a brush. I pat it down as flat as I can then I brush it down, then across...gently. You'd be surprised how well it works. Keep at it girl. It'll be a money maker for you!
    No problem, thank you for your help and encouragement. I was close to giving up the other day but am now motivated again! Thank you x
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