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    Transition between mobile therapist and massage clinic

    Two businesses with two different names working out of the same premises. I have same problem - a combination of e-cigarettes, reflexology and foot health all in same shop
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    Treatment room size?

    definitely big enough
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    Price inflation

    I think it's the same with a lot of industries, especially selling retail. China has made a big impact with retail. But it's down to profit and if your costs go down you can make more profit.
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    Vinylux dull?

    The top coat needs to be applied thickly. Then they shine wonderfully. Am wearing 3 week old vinylux and hardly a chip. Amazing
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    Hydraulic Lagoon Beauty Couch

    Ha, I have a beautelle one and its doing my head in the only sitting on the middle bit. Nearly every client goes to sit on the foot part regardless of what position it is in. I thought it was just mine like that...........
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    Caflon studs, do they fit studex gun?

    But would that invalidate your insurance?
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    Being an employee causes me so much stress sometimes

    I am just like this with worry. It just stays in my head and won't leave. I found out I have OCD have one pill a day and it has helped so much. I still worry more than most but I can live with that. Hope this helps x
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    Steam sterilisers

    autoclaves reach either 126 or 134 degrees c and stay there for the appropriate time to ensure sterilisation
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    Fungal nail treatment coloured polish?

    Unfortunately topical preparations very rarely work. Oral meds have a better cure rate but they do have side effects x
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    Hydraulic couch cover?

    I just use a normal one and its fine Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Dangerous nail glue warning

    I buy false eyelashes from china to sell. They come with glue - the glue goes in the bin
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    New business venture with Shellac-brave it or not?

    I am 53 and never really thought about age. But depending where you are it can be hard with so much competition. Work out how much profit you would earn if you tried to compete with the low cost techs as that would be your worse case scenario. You could add more services which may be more...
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    Studex ear piercing pro site

    I always have to ring and order over the phone. I have found them excellent but an online website would be better
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    Disgraced at nursing home!

    Regarding the toenails, many older people have nails like this. They can be thinned with a drill which is a very simple process, but it will thicken and discolour again. Many choose to not bother and just leave them if they are not causing any discomfort. However if the lady would like them...
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    The SEO Help Thread

    Definitely Weebly x