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    Glitterbels reviews?

    ah thankyou!, how do you correct the colours from marbling?, I do like the look of their colour range. I do currently have INK London lilac but wasn't sure of their acrylics. I don't like how they dont show the colours properly on the website. x
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    How old were you when you did your nail course?

    It may sound stupid but I feel like I’m going through a crisis, I’m level 2 and 3 beauty qualified but want to advance my skills in nail. Found a course in nail tech that’s a 30 week course...however I’m now doubting my self. I think lockdown hasn’t helped, still on furlough and feel fed up. I...
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    Nail technician course?

    Thankyou. I currently have ink London gel polish kit. I had to prove I had to prove I had a manicure qualification...I’ve seen they do training but think it’s just accredited which I believe it doesn’t mean it’s a proper qualification?
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    Nail technician course?

    thankyou. I am level 2 and 3 beauty qualified so wanted to gain more skills with nails and do gel, acrylic, gel polish etc. I’m not a fan of online courses as if want a proper qualification to gain insurance or work for some one else. Do you know any companies that offer nails course where the...
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    Nail technician course?

    oh really, that’s is strange when they make out they’re the top leading choice or something (can’t remember what it actually said). I actually paid for the course but I got in touch with them an hour ago to cancel and get a refund which they say they offer due to covid...after paying I didn’t...
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    Nail technician course?

    hi has anyone heard of the website .N.T.C - Nail Technician Courses | Nail Courses | NTC its says you will be a fully qualified technician and get a professional accredited diploma certificate by ABT. however I heard ABT courses aren't actually recognised as a proper qualification? meaning I...
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    Glitterbels reviews?

    hi, has anyone tried glitterbels? is it a professional good brand? ive looked at ink London and kiara sky too, but unsure which system to use? ill be doing acrylic, gel polish and gel extensions
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    Eyelash extensions tips

    So I’ve been qualified for nearly 2 years (level 2 and 3) eyelash extensions were compulsory on my course...I recently purchased a mannequin training head to practice lashes on and in losing my mind! The lashes just don’t seem to stick and stay on the lashes. I’m using marvelash glue and lashes...
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    Which toner and developer to use?

    I’m not a hairdresser I’m a beauty therapist. I had my hair highlighted in April and now it’s a little dull and yellow/brassy...I want a Ash or pearl kind of toner but have no idea on what brand or developer to go and get? And do you apply to shampooed hairbrush then rinse and condition?
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    How long does ink London iLac last for?

    So I am wanting to buy a new gel kit, I’ve recently qualified my gel polish course and want to go with a brand that isn’t tested on animals. I’ve had a look at ink London and find the pricing to be very good for a professional those who use the system, is it worth buying into? How...
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    Ink London gel and nail extensions

    Oh I understand now, thanks so much x
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    Ink London gel and nail extensions

    Thankyou, I will research and have a look x
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    Ink London gel and nail extensions

    So are gel extensions usually called hard gel? That maybe why I couldn’t see properly
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    Ink London gel and nail extensions

    I’ve been looking at ink London to use as my new system on clients once I passed my gel polish course ( I’m already a qualified beauty therapist), however in the future I would like to do a course on nail extensions but ink nails only seem to do acrylink course? there a huge difference...
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    Gel nail brands and lamp

    Thanks for the reply this has helped x