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  • Thanks for the rep! I sat and read that thread in one go and was shocked at some of the younger geeks responses. I shouldn't really be shocked should I?! xx
    Ah thanks for the advice. It was more the red I was looking at for my own hair really. I've got a couple of clients who like pinks and purples in their hair and those funky colours but I tend to use the L'Oreal Majirel for those. You'll have to try the clear, I've often put it through the hair left out from foils and it gives it such a good shine x
    thanks for the reply, I may well stock up! I've seen a friend of a friend has Elumen RR on and it looks gorgeous! I've only ever used the clear because it gives my hair a nice shine! Do the colours last well? x
    I've just searched through the posts about Goldwell Elumen and see you were going to/are using Elumen. Do you still use this? I found out about it when I did a training day at my boss' other salon and I love it. I bought a bottle of the clear from her but I've ran out! Can you only get it direct through Goldwell? x
    tried to rep you for your help on my holiday thread. thanks for actually answering the question...
    Thanks for the rep :)

    Am VAT registered myself but currently wish I wasn't (now I am working from home rather than doing consulting work), but have heard that de-registering for VAT is a sure-fire way of triggering an automatic tax investigation, which I just haven't got the time to deal with at the moment (even though all my accounts are kosher of course).
    Onwards and upwards. It is a pain, but at least you can start afresh with new staff who don't make your life a misery. I am a million times happier at work now. x
    Bit cheesed off to be honest. Too many non hairdressers on here shouting us down. Not really my world if you know what I mean!
    Duh, never thought of tweeting you! Have blogged about it too! I did get on my high horse a bit! Ha ha.
    Hi Donna another numpty on the hair forum, wants a salon, no idea how, not a hairdresser, wants a team of great stylists. Have gotta go work now so will leave this one to you!!!!
    Hi, :lol: well she was a tad too rude to our fellow professionals,
    I do try to see the best in people .... but sometimes I fail to see the ones who try and spoil it for all the others :lol: x minky
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