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    How to become a ghd stockist?

    GHD are taking steps to remove them from Argos. They obtained them dishonestly and not from GHD. I am a GHD stockist and I can assure you they are not old news. I am a top 10 seller, in Yorkshire, and my salon is in a seaside town. I am up on sales this year. They're as popular as ever. Just...
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    Do any other employers...

    Hear, hear! I work so hard in my business, not just for myself but to keep my staff in work. I have found, in the last year, it is never enough. It has made me cynical and ruthless as a boss. Employees take head: you get the boss you deserve.
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    Putting bleach/powder 30/40 on scalp whilst pregnant

    There is no evidence to say it is dangerous to colour anyones hair in pregnancy. Increased hormone activity, however, sometimes can interfere with the development of the product. That aside, no stronger than 6%, should be used on the scalp when bleaching. You will get a better result the...
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    Arghhhhhh orange blonde :(

    I agree. The lower the volume, the better the lift. All 40 vol (12%) does, is shock the cuticle and give a brassy lift. On red/ginger hair, I would do a gentle bleach bath first, then a 6% application. I would keep repeating until I got the desired lift, maybe even dropping to 3%.
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    Greenlight colour-luxury

    You buy cheap, you get cheap. Never skimp with your colour and use a recognised brand. They have the backing, technology and marketing to help you build a clientele from.
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    Need advice please!

    Why would you want to apply a live colour? It's not even a professional colour and would not be covered by your insurance if you used it. I would not, personally, touch a live colour with a barge pole. Do you not usually use professional colours?
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    Hair extension course help

    The Balmain course is pre-bonded and also micro rings now. The reason you first work one a training head is because it is safer to make your mistakes then, the consequences can be irreversible on a live model. The Balmain course is very in-depth re: sourcing, manufacturing, application etc.
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    Need advice please!

    Good luck on bleach bathing a live colour. I spent 5 hrs doing one and got no where fast! Don't do anything until you have strand tested first. :)
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    Where do u get ur foil?

    I get mine from Aston and Fincher (don't know if they are in Scotland). around £30 + VAT for 1000m.
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    Bleach bath

    I have managed to lift a black to around a base 7 before but as Dawn says, you need to strand test it and set some realistic expectations. I find bleach baths to be more gentle that removal products. A removal product tends to get in there hard and fast, whereas you can mix a bleach bath to the...
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    NVQ LEVEL 3,Do I need it?

    Under current NVQ standards, a level 2 now means 'ready for work'. It does not mean 'qualified stylist' You will need a level 3 to progress as a stylist. A level 2 is a very basic qualification.
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    Shellac - clearly pink

    Thanks guys. It look so different to the bottle colour, I thought maybe something was wrong with the product! I think I'll use it mainly for rockstar instead of negligee.
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    Shellac - clearly pink

    Hi all. I have just ordered and received clearly pink, for the first time. Is this just a pink tint? When I opened the bottle to look, it looks just like a top coat with a pink tint. Is this right? I have searched the forum and it seems it is mostly being used for french manicures. Cheers. :)
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    How to get that pastel pink!

    Schwartzkopf do a strawberry toner in their BlondeMe range. 'Tis lush.
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    Nail technicians and tattoos?

    Apart from one member of staff, we all (4) have quite large and visible tattoos. It has never caused a problem, we are a really busy salon catering for the very young to the very old! They don't seem to interfere with our haircutting skills, so I don't see them as a problem. Our professionalism...