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    Brow Henna questions

    Can you contact the trainer who you trained with?
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    Newly qualified help needed

    Hello The pink set looks good from the pic. Hopefully I can give some helpful advice; use a smaller bead for the cuticle but don’t place it right near the cuticle as you won’t have room to mold it towards the cuticle, also take note of the angle you r holding your brush and the shape of...
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    Nail kit

    All products reduced to half price. Would prefer to sell as job lot. Small in lamp £10 Gel £10 each. Pink opened for training but never used. CND pink powder £17 Revolution powder £7.50 each Forms £5 Dappen dish 50p Files 60p each Buffer £1.
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    Android and Apple apps now approved

    I can’t find it in the App Store....???
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    E-file bit?

    What’s your fave bit for removing gel polish on natural nails?
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    Saeyang k38 users

    Hey guys, curious what speed do u have your k38 to when buffing down product to prep for infills? Tia
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    Carbide ceramic burr bits

    Hi yes I’ve done my testing, got the certificate but unfortunately is wasn’t that comprehensive. Thanks for your help :) I’ve researched it myself more now
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    Carbide ceramic burr bits

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    Carbide ceramic burr bits

    Hello fellow geeks. Which bits or burrs (not sure if that means the same thing!) do u all use? Are ceramic and carbide the same thing? I’m thinking I need these as they give off less dust and heat up less? Also am I right in thinking the round ends give better cuticle protection? Sorry for the...
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    Yes this is what I’ve gone for, it seems the best for mobile also. Does it come with file attachments or did u need to buy extra bits? Thank you
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    I’m seriously considering the prospect of starting to use an efile. What brands and training can anyone recommend please, also for mobile use. Only helpful replies please, no jobsworths
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    Calling all Gellux techs!

    How long do u cure clear/colour for and after prep and wipe do u have to use the bond/primer?
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    Calling all Gellux techs!

    Is there any gellux techs out there!?!
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    Calling all Gellux techs!

    Every brand has its own lamp hun, doesn’t mean u hav to use if if u choose not too. Thanks
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    Calling all Gellux techs!

    Please can u let me know what curing time u use for clear base/top coat, colour coats and what lamps/wattage u use as having longevity problems. Thank you!!