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    Matrix color

    Can matrix color be applied wet?
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    Matrix color remover

    Reviews on matrix so cult color remover ??
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    Cutting videos

    Best hair cutting videos to watch??
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    Best shears?

    Thank you!
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    Best shears?

    best shear company? Currently using SHARK-FIN,love them! But open to other options
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    Clippers and trimmers

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    Olaplex vs Matrix, which is better?

    We have Matrix bond builder in our salon, so far so good!!
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    Help achieving silver with Matrix

    Thank you! Any ideas on a formula to get grey silver for matrix
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    Help achieving silver with Matrix

    New stylist here! have a client wanting to achieve silver. she is about a level 9 with gold tones right now. In our salon we use Matrix. Any recommendations for matrix on what to use?! Thanks!