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    Qualification criteria with Creative

    Hi - I qualified (quite) a few years ago with a VCTC in Nail Enhancements (L&P) and Manicure but due to having babies and ill health have not been practising for quite a long time and have been doing other various part-time jobs. My youngest is 4 months old and am having to think about going...
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    dyshidrotic eczema - should I work with it???

    Hi guys - have been off the nail scene for a long time for various reasons including ill health and having a baby (now 18 months old!) but am now desperate to get back in the saddle so to speak. Have lost my confidence completely and have been finding it difficult to get myself back out there...
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    Dry cracked fingertips

    Hi guys My hands seem to be in a really bad way at the mo. My fingertips (on the fleshy pad bit) on the thumbs, forefinger and middle finger of both hands is so rough and dry is starting to's almost like cracked heels on my fingers if you can get the picture (yuk!). As I have a new...
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    Argghhhh bent nails!!

    Hi guys Havn't been on the site for ages and ages. Have been pregnant (now not pregnant due to having given birth to scrumptious baby boy Elliott 3 weeks ago!) and have had a torrid time. Went right off anything to do with nails - the smell of polish and the thought of nail files just made me...
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    Echoing the 80's

    I was a new romantic girl! OOOOH me too! Duranie through and through me. Went to see them in April and they fact they were so hot we went back 2 weeks later and saw them again!!! Went with my bestest buddie of 20 years and it was talking about DD that brought us together in the...
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    Eastenders Rant!!

    Watched Eastenders this evening and is it just me or does anyone else get really mad :mad: at the complete lack of professionalism in Kate's nail bar!!!!? 'Himself' keeps laughing at me saying "it's only pretend" but lordy, talk about lack of customer service, airing all their dirty laundry...
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    Glad to be back with the 'Geek Family'

    :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: x
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    Creative for me - they just never go thick and em. Bought an Essie polish at Excel cos I spotted one of the women who was working on the stand and it was exactly the colour I was looking for. Couldn't wait to get home and try it out....:sad: was trying to get...
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    Anyone tried these CND colours?

    Hi guys About to order some stuff and only need a few more colours to fill my case up! Has anyone tried the following CND colours and if so what do you think of them? Mirage Flashy Seafoam moonlight & roses cheers x
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    "Nail Geek Widowers"

    ditto ditto ditto...this site is like a second family!!! I've learnt sooo much, received so much support and its great to have a direct contact to some of the industry 'greats''s fab just to feel 'part of it'....long live The Nail Geek!!! x
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    opinions please

    these are really pretty and ohhhh so flattering! Where on earth did you get the notion that your hands are chubby...lordy mine are postively ripe for a Walls Sausage ad campaign lol!!!Have been a squoval up til now but think I might have a change of direction - jubbly job! x
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    Happy, drink and be very very merry....have a goodun!!
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    copycat nails

    ooooh they're lovely, especially like the pale pink ones - they'll be great for sparkling away at some Chrimbo parties:)
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    My first attempt at illusion work

    looking good - what a transformation!