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    hi im a mua. try samples see what your like ive spent 1000s on foundation i like mac for normal to oily skin nars for dryer skin hudda beauty is good also if someone has very oilly skin but no blemishes. also i love maybeline super stay the covatage is amazing same as mac. i also love loreal...
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    Help! Did a spray tan using Norvell and client looked grey!

    it's meant to be like this. i freaked out when I first used it as went grey on my client its the viloet pigment init when my client washed it off it went a nice bronzed colour x
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    Business name, please help

    please can anyone help me i need to name my new business. ill be doing astetics but some beauty treaments ike plasma facial and microneedling as well makeup. I'm finding it hard to come up with a name that suits both astetics and beauty . it's driving me mad lol! and need to come up with one...
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    Bondi Sands tan

    thank you will msg them x
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    Bondi Sands tan

    hi im teying to purchase this tan to tey but cant find any were that sells the 1 litre of bondi samds x
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    Recommended tanning solutions?

    I dont like sienna x i think it has a oi ky umdertone to it. Maybe if someone wanted a really really light tan. Ive just got fake bake to try agian. Ive used crazy angle thats alright for the price. And ive just started to use norvell to had good feed back from that quite a lot. X x
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    Best luxury spray tan brands

    I used this a few times i didnt know they did a rapid tan i need to try it. Ive just bought fake bake tho x
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    TS20 HVLP spray tan gun

    Mimes just done this my hubby is going to look at it to nigjt for me. If i sort it will ket you no. Ive beem told it cN be the seal the white things at top ive veen told to get new ones x
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    Opinions on Norvell tan

    Ive just bought one bottle. I was worried when i sprayed my ckient as they had a grey tint to them. But its brcause its viloet based so no orangeness. My cluent msgd me day after sayung cN i akways use that tan on here ad it looked luke a real tan not a fake one. Ill be doing more this werk so...
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    What foot file/rasp do you use?

    hi please can you tell me were to buy the microphone one from x
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    Help! Did a spray tan using Norvell and client looked grey!

    please help i did a girl a spray tan for a girls 18th birthday. i used norvell tan first time ive used this brand and im regretting it. the girl looked grey after it. i feel sick from worrying i dont want her to look bad tomorrow for her birthday party what had caused this ???
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    Client looked grey after spray tan

    hi ive just used norvell for first time on a new client she looked grey im so scared as its her first tan. did tgr tan you did turn out ok? and did it ever happen agian?
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    Best tanning brands to use?

    hi wich gives a better darker tan st trpez or nouvatan x
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    Best tanning brands to use?

    thankyou! are none.of.the tans orangey? do you prefer more than st tropez x
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    Best tanning brands to use?

    hi sorry to jump on the tread is norvell tan good? im lookimg for a dark brown tan.x