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  • thank you for your coment! :)
    if you want to create something original, try to look for inspiration in fashion, painting ect. im doing it :) and practice, practice and prictice to improve your skills :) cheers :)
    Hiya thank you for your message it would be great to swap treatments xxx let me know when is good for you and were are you based x
    Hi, yes was lovely to meet you too. Real shame you are so far away as think we would have got on well working together. Will def do the treatment swaps, i'll give you a text to arrange but the week commencing 22nd Nov would be good for me if thats ok for you? The French can yellow but if the client uses the Calcrystal that stops it. Had a fab weekend thanks x
    I am selling a purex nail desk with a spare bulb, spare metal piece for the centre boxes of spare filters, including the expensive carbon one, the cubby thing is unused. the desk has had very little use. (there are two chairs going with it for free)
    A very good electric nail file (originally cost well over £300),
    Loads of tips, both Creative and Millenium. (including poppits).
    Creative polishes.
    The original creative polish display, (the one with the wooden base)
    gems, probably some powders.

    Ill have to look in the cupboard, because I am sure there is much more, but I havent itemised anything yet... thought I would get the desk sold first!

    If you're interested in anything, let me know!
    Im just going to keep my competition box, in case I decide to do a little more later when the little one starts school in a couple of years... Also have several of the reusable creative brush handles, but also a couple of refill brush heads to go with them.

    thanks very much chick... yeye i might take u up on that offer if i get another chance. didnt find anyone in time but still made the best of being in newcastle so there was no loss x
    Im in Guisborough, 10 mins from Middlesbrough. Its a shame i missed you in yorkshire, I will keep a look out for you.
    I would like to offer male waxing but only when i have found a room to rent, im mobile at the moment so i dont do any male treatments.
    Its a really exciting time, everything is coming together for me xxx
    I was in Yorkshire a couple of weeks back. I'm in the Midlands soon and in Scotland in November. Where do you live? xxx
    Hello my darling. Lovely to hear from you.

    The Deo should be on about 60 to 62 working temp. I love mine but the temp is playing up. Any probs with yours and let me know asap. To be fair, the company sell thousands every year with no problem. Nice and easy to clean too. xxx
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