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  • Girls I take it you have all found my on Facebook now and Vikki. I am loving Australia and the Sydney
    Hey xx cant find you on facebook missy! pm me some ideas of how i can find you! lol. Great speaking to you today. Our loss is Sydney's gain! Good luck. Stay in touch xx
    Hi honey,hows you how are the boys? can u do me a favour and tell me how the hell i get a profile picture on her??? i am sick of trawling about the pages, i just can't work it out!
    Hello you. How are you doing? Hope business is good, everything busy here but I am almost ready for Christmas so only work to sort in the meantime. Hope you beautiful kiddies are good it is lovely having them that age at Christmas. Mine is 15 now but still wants the full Santa, Rudolph, carrots etc. Ha ah ha ha!!! xxx
    i can imagine! glad you're busy :) i loathe all the hassle of christmas time, i had some very rude christmas shoppers inwork today that really put me in a huff, haha! :) xxx
    Please can I fit in an eyebrow wax on Friday too please.

    Am all excited about my nails hun.

    Thanks. Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I love your nails. I have just tried YN acrylic for the first time. I trained in CND and am loving YN - I find it much easier to use and find I have hardly any filing. Can you recommend a colour for extending the nail bed? Thanks.
    What a dufus, left a message for you on my page, doh.

    Anyway, I have been invited to a Fashion Show at the Balmoral at the end of the month so will deff need some sparklybits magic done on my icky nails. Its with Colin's boss and some very posh clients so I had better stay away from the Champagne (as if).
    Hey hows u? sorry missed you online when u messaged me. Ill need to get down to see you, im needing a few bits and bobs. Ill try and get down next wk or 2 and we can have a catch up. Hope you are well and salon is keeping you busy, LOL xx
    Well when I am better I will come see you - I need a set of Tracey's magic sparkly nails on my hands to make me feel better.
    Hi hun, I have joined the Young Nails group - if they will have me that is. I do want to come see you soon, but I have had this cold for weeks now and dont want to pass it on. I have good days and bad days when I dont feel I can do anything at all. Think I need to go to the docs, but think all he will say is that its a cold and I will have to wait for it to pass.
    Hi babes how are you long time no talk? Coming over to UK for Christmas so hope to catch up with you if thats ok. Hx
    Thank you for the pic comment, I'm getting in lots more practice these days so my nails are showing some improvement, I just did my e-file training with Jenni so I can speed up a bit, its early days but getting on ok with it. Cx
    OOoohh a revamp?... I'll be looking forward to seeing new pics... thanks a mill for the friendship request x
    I Love your salon... can't resit a peek at it every now and then and your fab work x
    must have had my wetabix lol, glad I passed ok, mani/pedi next, the other girls mentioned early october ( sun 9th I think ) my middle one was in hospital when I got back yesterday, sore head/kneck temp through the roof, the put him along in the childrens ward for a while to watch him, think that they wanted to rule out meningitus, but he came home later, still ill, poor wee many, high temp and a bit sicky, hopefully be better soon, so many bugs going around just now, talk soon xx
    Hey mrs, hope you are a bit more settled in you lovely new house, and have your mobile all comfy in its fancy new mobile holder he he, am off to do a set of infills tonight, and have one nail to fix as well, good practice, see you 2morro!! xxxxxxxx
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