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    Micro/nano square or triangle sectioning

    I use square sections x
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    Glue stick help

    Thanks for the info! I did find them in the end but they are for a smaller gun than mine xx
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    Want to make hair extension treatment a bit special

    Yes I think a little aftercare package would be nice. Along with instructions you can give an extension brush and maybe some nice leave in conditioner or treatment spray? Xx
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    Ashy hair extensions

    Mine too but it’s touch and go whether they turn up like that. Sometimes they come very warm [emoji43]
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    Prebonded hair extensions removal

    Those bonds are a very strange colour too! [emoji33]
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    Client issues

    All the signs are there that she is a problem client for sure! I wonder why the other tech blocked her?? All u can do is remain professional and see what the hair is like when she comes in. Replace those that have fallen out and give all the others a good clamp and go through aftercare again...
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    Client help!

    A refund? For a beautiful cut are u mad? That’s like accepting you didn’t do a good job in the first place. Tell her you have done all that she asks but now she is asking too much so suggest she finds someone else who perhaps is more suited to her. [emoji33]
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    New supplier needed ASAP

    Loads of threads on here about suppliers have a search and u will find them x
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    Ashy hair extensions

    I’m afraid you won’t find any ashy shades on the euphoria one ring. Their hair is lovely but the colours do tend to come up warm. I use prestige for more ashy colours or crown couture also have some lovely ones x
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    Hair extension help!

    I agree. Tell them your prices aren’t negotiable, if they want cheap then they can go get cheap, they will soon return to you once their hair matts and only lasts a few weeks! Sell your hair by telling them that as it’s better quality it can be reused so will actually end up being cheaper in the...
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    Please take a look at hair extension price list, need opinions?

    There’s only £10 difference between your half head and full head prices for 20” micro rings? X
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    Extensions colour match

    I agree not your problem. You go and do a colour match and buy the hair accordingly. You can’t be expected to guess the colour fade after! She will need to maintain her colour x
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    Nano/micro ring

    Match the ring to the root colour not the extension x
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    Prebonded hair extensions removal

    Great lengths I’m guessing?! Prebonded are tough to remove most of the time as they are hard like super glue but great lengths are a nightmare won’t touch them again!
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    Hair extensions too expensive

    I think the name suggests they own their own factory[emoji1][emoji1]