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  • Hi hope you're well! I've finally been bitten by the Gelish bug in addition to Shellac. Now, I don't want to go mad with it but would like some more non-Shellac colours. Any tips, particularly for wintery colours? I've got Black Shadow, Caution and Starburst and have been looking at Bella's Vampire, Reserve, Midnight Caller, Night Reflection, Elegant Wish and Deep Sea - but can't get all of them right now - maybe two or three for now. Any help appreciated! x
    Just been reading the jinx thread and I did try these but they were generation one. Istill love Minx but your idea for an alternative for the teens makes sense lol, how long do the Jinx last on toes, thanks hun xxx
    hi can you tell me where you did your air brush training i am in north east as well and i cant find any where to train i am a media and theatrical make up artist and hair stylist but it is killing me not being able to offer the air brush make up now every thing is in hd
    Hiya, i have no idea how to PM you so ill have to write here lol. I used to live in Ingleby Barwick yeae. I saw you on the thread about Hybrid gels. Im interested in getting one in my salon asap because my NSi balance isnt doing the trick so wondered if i could ask you a few questions? xhelenx
    star nails quatro hmmm not heard of that. ive just been delivered dashing diva WOW WOW WOW me loves it . lol i want coloured tips now god i wish i could stop spending lol...
    yes your tanning one :) Really like it. I used a base coat to stick gems on doing a line at a time and then sealed with star nails quattro. They are quite tempting to pick after a while lol but what a waste of money if you do! xx
    Sorry for late rep been having internet problems which has caused symtoms similar to road rage lol . Totally agree about the trendy nail wraps I put some on my toes then took them straight off before anyone saw them, hated them. I REALLY like the black with flowers so I'm glad you reminded me x
    Did you try the Blixz nail foils,I've still got the number you sent me for Mark. Did you like them if you did try them x
    I can't take someone else's text and pics as that would be breaking copyright. But it should be fine to embed the Youtube video on the site though.
    Good morning, hope you are well, that's a clever doggie you have who can drive your car hey? (love your avatar lol)...
    Hi would be gratefull if you could let me know where you got your blix, could I have the phone number if you have it,thanks in advance, Wendy
    Hi i was just wondering if you could give me some tips on how to avoid spray tan running? I have just recently started and gave my friend a tan today.I done her back fine, but when i done the front of her i panicked and i think i kept spraying the same bits too much causing it too run :( Any tips would be fab thanks x
    Spoilt.......I have just searched every page on your site and there are no contact details on there fore you at all. Do you find that you don't get many calls? lol Seriously, you must get that sorted asap as if clients can't contact you, you won't get any business.

    I was going to give you a call to see if I can help with your waxing problem in the meantime. Kim x
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