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  • Morning, how are you? Thanks for message last nite, think i was half asleep :)
    Thank you for the heart x x
    Im currently out of the country, so only a quick reply.
    Your qual should be fine.
    Once your registered on the Trade you can log in and see training dates.
    The Products Knowledge will be great for you.
    M x
    Hope you got in contact, didn't notice our visitor messages.... oops. MUA@artdeco.org.uk or 0151 421 1234 sorry xxx
    Please contact us directly by telephone at our Head Office: 01733 260161
    and we can deal with your inquiry.
    Many Thanks
    Hello Sarah, thanks for the visitor message :) If you contact ArtDeco (number is 0151 421 1234) and ask them to send you an information pack about the mobile kit they are a nice bunch and have been helpful. There are a few Kent geeks, such as heatherp, f.widdows, GlamourEyes11 - it might be worth getting in contact with them too :) it's nice to have beauty industry friends! Contact one of the moderators of SalonGeek and ask them to change your name, I changed mine a little while ago and they were really nice. Emily xx
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