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    Should I stay or should I go?

    I always read the posts on here and feel like I can relate to a lot of them and admire and respect many of you!:) if you also read the posts you might remember a few of my posts and be able to offer some advice. I'm now working in a restaurant in the hope another job will come up in my field...
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    Fitness and beauty

    sarahcampbell03@live.co.uk xx
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    Fitness and beauty

    Make that the three of us!!! Hi girls. Hannah, I would like to say congratulations in what sounds like a fabulous idea put into action! I have just emailed a message to your website. 14 years ago I studied e,t,m step aerobics and have my personal training certificate. Fitness was/is my passion...
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    Wedding hair

    Over from beauty, though many a times have thought about bridal hair as specialise in bridal make up. Would like to say how lovely I think the finish is. I would be very happy with your work as a bride and very pleased with my standard of work. A big well done!x
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    Need to return to hairdressers for 3rd time

    Over from nails/beauty hoping for some constructive advice from you lovely hair geeks. I had light brown hair and wanted some highlights for summer.. Not real bright but a noticeable blonde. Went to my usual hairdressers, had the stylist I always have as really like her and always done a good...
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    Need to return to hairdressers for 3rd time

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    Anyone want to take a gender guess?

    Me too!!!x Congratulations, hope you have an amazing journey with your baby girl x
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    Can you recommend a volumising waterproof mascara?

    Forgot about the amazing hypnose... Used to wear it all the time when working for Lancôme. Big thumbs up!!! Might treat myself :)
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    Dream job if you weren't doing this...?

    Me too.... Something to do with dancing..... (not a stripper though I take my hat off to those who did/do) though choreography, would love to be a backing dancer for the famous. I love music and dance routines, really funky stuff. I got asked for auditions though was from club promoters, wish I...
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    The dreaded grey!

    I have them!!! And I hate them!!! It's a women's worst nightmare. Have had them since I was about 25, my boyfriend of a month noticed them after our first holiday together... Had my roots done before we went,the sun must have had an effect on the dye cause they were clear to see on our travels...
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    My transgender make-up experiences

    Thanks for sharing this experience, I do think TGs have high expectations and is a very sensitive, complex situation. I have applied make up on a very nice TG when working on a make up counter though was only a little shadow and lipgloss. Interesting read, thanks again, all the best x
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    Can you recommend a volumising waterproof mascara?

    The rocket smudges on me but gotta give a big thumbs up for benefit, they're real. Not a fan of their make up though his mascara gives a great effect. Also Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme is amazing :cool:
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    Pregnancy cravings what were yours?

    Oh my goodness.. Just saw jujojones post...!!! It's common too... Lol xx
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    Pregnancy cravings what were yours?

    Not sure why but I think the ice cube crunching is really common... My friend did it when pregnant and I thought she was mad..... Low and behold it became a craving of mine!! That and biting a sponge full of water when in the bath or shower :eek: xx
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    Anyone want to take a gender guess?

    Boy!!! :biggrin: congratulations and all the best. Will keep an eye on post to hear the news x