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  • Hay Vicki, I dont look at the big screen very often, normally mobile app, so thank you for all my hearts :) x
    Hi Vicki thanks for your reply on the thread. I see where you're coming from now. I had just started using Eve Taylor then relocated. Hoping to set up again this summer and then do the Eve Taylor courses once confirmed. What you replied makes a lot of sense - I was jumping ahead into ingredients etc .
    Thank you much appreciated x
    Unfortunately I need to spread the love before I can rep you again.....and you seem to be the only one posting any sense :eek:
    Hi there, I am uber sensitive to the word "retail". I was bullied by my last rep at Collin to the point where I refused to see her. I cannot stand hard sell and when the trainers bang on about "retail" I see red and just want to walk out. I looked at the time table and at least 50% of the training is entitled retail. I understand and accept that we need to know the products and why we have to buy the machine (albeit I have two suitable machines already), I just don't want someone spending half the week banging on about selling. My clients are highly resistent and they also know that I won't push it at them - they are all sick and tired of it from other walks of life.

    As for the rep, I cannot pin her down on how much product I am expected to take when I take up Environ. I certainly don't want £500 worth of product turning up. I did 52 facials last year which she has been made aware of. I also asked about sales material (I have my own website and get brochures printed) but she didn't say anything. I have also mentioned that I want graphics. Not a word but wants me to buy Jane Irdale make-up. I really don't know what to think. I really like the product but will IIAA fail me in every other respect as Collin has.
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