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    Galvanic treatment after microneedling

    Yes it should be fine x
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    Galvanic treatment after microneedling

    What have you done to still be suffering a week later x
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    Skin needling and chemical peels

    The course has taken me a looong time but I have a salon with 5 staff and was also teaching and distributing so not a lot of free time. You can do it in modules which is what I'm doing - Skin Science I've pretty much finished and Investigative Consultations which I'm about two thirds of the way...
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    Skin needling and chemical peels

    I'm about three quarters of the way through the Sally Durant level 4. It's a full on CIDESCO qualification that doesn't bear any resemblance to some of the 'level 4 qualifications' available. If you want to really learn about skin it's unbeatable. If you just want to learn microneedling and...
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    Any non internet skincare brands!

    I would say don't let it be your only deciding factor. Make sure you love the brand as well. We retail environ and Dermogenera. Because of the nature of some of the products we have to offer a consultation before they can purchase. A lot of environ is available online at reduced prices but it...
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    Computer system?

    We use ovatu which is cloud based so we can use it on phones, iPads, laptops. It's great x
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    Collagen capsule

    The Advanced Nutrition Programme do a collagen support supplement. I'm confused as to actual collagen supplements because collagen is a protein and as such gets converted to an amino acid when ingested, it doesn't suddenly go into the skin and the body system as collagen. I've never had a...
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    SkinMate Ultrasound SM-812 manual

    Have you googled it? X
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    Skincare brand

    Out of the two I'd go for Eve Taylor because they're a professional only brand. Vic x
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    Some good advice on here. She won't be successfully treating skin conditions with Body Shop products and she needs to be very careful about her claims, especially about treating things like rosacea and acne which are medical conditions. As said, so much of MLM is the hype, and so much...
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    How valuable is footfall?

    We're in a barn in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cows [emoji846]
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    How valuable is footfall?

    We have no passing clients just cows. We're a four room busy salon - or we were
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    Opinions please! Ichill licence free music?

    Do check more than once if you need a license and you're running a salon from home. I was told I did when I started out from home, so I bought a license. I then moved house and moved my salon into the garage. I contacted them to change the address and they told me I didn't need a license for a...
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    Training in hair or beauty at 30

    I retrained at about 37 years old. I worked from home for about 10 years very successfully. l then rented a room. From there I rented a barn. I now own a salon in a barn with 5 staff and a turnover of around £200,000 so no, it's not too late
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    Beauty therapy level 3 equivalent

    There seems to have been a big shift in the industry. Previously, peels and needling were considered 'additional learning' and that if you had a minimum level 2 you could add these without too much difficulty. They now require the courses to be accredited in their own right which is just super...