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  • Hi! I've been using bio for a couple of years now and need some inspiration. Can you suggest a couple of your fav combos for Christmas. Something dark with a glitter? You have one you call oyster? Can you suggest what you combine to get this look? I'd be most grateful for any help. Thanks Sarah-Louise x
    Hi there! I appreciate your help!! I will be commission in a day spa with decent prices. It would help me to know what is a typical income of a full time nail tech, but I DO understand how many factors go into it! Regards, Erika
    Hi Madeline, I want to share with you an issue I noticed with a posting of two photos of yours on the Bio Tech page. If you click on both photos of #2093 on July 21st, you’ll get redirected to ” Has anyone here ordered from Sweet Squared?” thread. If you click on the same photos in your album it’s fine. I’m having the same problem with the photos I posted. The first time I posted them it only happened on a few. I took all of my photos down to revise the watermark and description and when I reposted them, none of them can be opened from the Bio Tech page any longer. I reported this issue but the response I got was “if you use the # sign in the description that will happen”…well that’s not the case now as I’ve changed all of the descriptions to exclude the # sign. Since emailing them back about it, no one has responded. Have you ever heard of this problem before?
    Hiya! Love your work hunnie. Just wondering if you could help me out? I currently use bio gel too. I'm thinking about using either shellac or gelish, I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the two. Do you prefer one to another. Be great to hear your veiws.
    Thanks hunnie
    Emma x
    I apologize for not responding to any messages! I use Salon Geek on my iphone and can't see these normally. Good thing I logged on! I updated all of the pictures with gel #'s. Some are custom colors in which I mix several Bio sculpture #s and or glitter together.
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