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    Probes & leads for Body Ultimate facial toning machine (microcurrent)

    I’m not sure body ultimate exist anymore?? It’s always tricky to get parts when companies dissapear :(
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    Silhouette non surgical facelift/inch loss

    I’m waiting till I can have a demo, but hoping to book one in April! Got to have a try haven’t you!
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    Silhouette non surgical facelift/inch loss

    Wow, yes you are super busy! Ahh that’s good, I’ve found them so helpful. I’ve got diamond dermabrasion, the new micro face, I’ve had the face and body in the past but my clients are more face so went for just the face when I upgraded! I’m looking at their Radio frequency or IPL machine atm...
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    Insufficient training?

    I’ve always had the motto, pay cheap, pay twice! And it’s so true with training! X
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    Insufficient training?

    Exactly this! It’s a real shame as people who could be a brilliant fit for the industry are just being sold short and left with zero confidence (and slightly lighter pockets!)
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    How do I take the leap with lashes?

    It really is all practice lovely, I’d try and master one before moving to other courses... you might find yourself in the same boat, not being able to practice etc. have you tried the doll heads with fake lashes to practice on? It’s not the same but could really help your speed x
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    Professional skincare range

    I depends what you’re looking for really, do you want something aromatherapy based or more cosmeceutical? From personal experience, I’ve really enjoyed working with eve taylor, there range is big and they have some lovely online training now!
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    Non surgical facelift

    I use Silhouette micro face and my clients love it. I’ve had great results, they came to my salon to train me too x
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    Best skincare brand for new small salon?

    Defo look at eve taylor and monu. It’s a while since I set up but have found both great for smaller salon x
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    Silhouette non surgical facelift/inch loss

    I use silhouette and love my equipment I saw that they’re offering some digital demos during lockdown, might be worth getting in touch to see if they can offer you some digital refresher training. 😄
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    Insufficient training?

    I think the lack of basic training is a big part of this too. The short course market is so big now, with masses of budding therapists signing up, with no prior knowledge or training. I think this opens people up to poor quality courses, as well as leaving them with such basic skills. it...
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    How to apply hand & foot paraffin during facial

    I second CFBS. Hot mits with a lovely cream or hand mask feels so good! Less messy too 😁
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    Looking for hydraulic bed

    Just watching this thread as I’m looking too
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    Lash Bomb lift not working

    Also, is the product new or has it been sat during lock down?
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    Making own skincare products

    Why don’t you look up white label companies? They can make products to your specifications and handle all the legal stuff. A salon I worked at used Hera