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  • Spoken to Wendy, next convesion course is 2nd July but unfortunately I will be away then!! Anyway she asked how long i had been doing extensions for and I said not long so she has suggested doing a 1 to 1 with her which she could prob do quite soon but is £45 an hr! She did say tho that would prob do 3hrs then for me to go away and practice for a few weeks then maybe book more if i needed it. So don't know if any of that is any good for you, or if you'd rather have her number and ring her yourself?
    Rang Wendy on Thurs and her battery was dying so said she'd phone me fri but not heard from her yet. Will give her a ring this week and try to find out when next course is. I'm away this week so won't be on here but will send a message when i'm back on friday x
    Well I will give wendy a ring 2m and see what she says about doing a course. I only want to do the Acrylic with them as have bought Calgel and have booked my training with them already.
    You can always do private course, CND do a fab spa Mani & Pedi course.There is loads of places do 1-2 day course.

    Let me know if you are interested in Spray Tan or Lash Extensions as i am the trainer in your area for Tantrick & Flirties.

    So are you thinking about going mobile, or do you want to work in a salon?

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