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  • Hello huni was just having a peek at your album you have some gorgeous work, how do you do the gelish Rock star x
    Hey, I love your Gelish Cupcake Nails and was going to reply but they have closed the thread for some reason! I also did some about a week ago and they are in the Nail Critiques Forum. Have a look and see what you think. I love doing that sort of thing. It's so much fun isn't it!!
    Hi Stacie,

    I noticed your post and whilst I cant directly help I sympathise - you are in a similar boat to so many people! our business is actually based aroud employing therapists just like you! home - will keep you posted if we have a salon opening near you.
    Dont give up though Stacie - it would be such a waste! Best Wishes, Katy x
    Hi just seen your post on my thread in service swaps, I am in rotherham are you salon based or mobile? what are you looking to have done? xx
    Hiya I saw your post in service swaps. I'm in Rotherham if you want to do any swaps I do Manicure, Acrylics, Silks, Tanning, Waxing and Make-up so far x
    I was trained with NSI gel and have been using it for about 2 yrs and I want to try out different ways of doing nail enhancements. I have never done acrylics but want to start. It sounds harder than gels but i want to give it a go.
    How long have you been using NSi atrraction? I use Nsi but only Balance gel and I want to start doing liquid and powder, but im hesitant. Is it difficult to get the ratio right? Do they break easily if the ratio is off?
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