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  • Omg lol see before you put your form on for sculpting put the wee spare bit underneath, helps support it better so much easier as well. Practice on the forms as well so you get a feel for the product on the form if you know what i mean xx
    Hi, I used sherbet dip on one of my regular ladies last night & she loves it :) got a text this morning from her, so up to now really pleased xx
    Thats good your getting to go back though, you'll get there :) have u been getting much practice in? Lol your model was quite funny lol xx
    Hey Mrs just seen your msg, winning white is hoooooorrrible to work with, i've only tried that we pot we got with the kit but its really chalky. Thats not right about Liz, she shouldnt have been like that with you! When do you go back? xx
    Hey Stacey! I only just realised from your pic that it was you. I was telling Caroline today what a fab little waxer you are. I'm really proud of you how you carried on until the end, although it was difficult for you. Much love, Kim xx
    Hey Mrs, just seen your message sorry! Sorry you didn't pass, but you will get there, the course is a bit full on, what did they say to you? xx
    Yes! Just Tuesday for me though, I can't believe it's come so fast. Scared I'll get lost! Excited though x
    Re nouvatan, I can promise you, I've never had a single complaint, my clients love the stuff, and they do booster drops which are handy for the odd client who wants to go darker than the 12%, which is the highest I keep in stock. Most peeps want the 10% which is what is in my photo. Price is good too :)
    Thanks for the comment. I just wish the photo did them justice they are so much better than this in real life xxx
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