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    Advertising with yellow pages & yell .com

    thankyou everyone, ive decided not to go with yell as its far to much money.i have already got a website through vista print and facebook page but its not getting me many clients at all. any other tips and advice on how to get my business noticed would be great thankyou x
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    Advertising with yellow pages & yell .com

    hya, ive just got a quote from yellow pgs and for advertising my business and its just shy of £700. before i take the plunge does any one know if it worth doing as money is tight at the moment, but business is slow. any advice would be great. thx xx
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    childrens pamper party help

    hya, help wanted pls. im a mobile nail tech and beauty therapist and offer treatment such as facials, manicures, pedicures, eye treatments, makeup ect. i offer pamper partys for adults but many times have been asked that i should go into childrens partys as i used to be a childminder and can...
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    Help with air bubbles in the pot of Star gel

    hya, ive just purchased a pot of star nails thick sulpting gel and i was really shocked on how much air bubbles was in the pot. this is the first time i brought this gel i normanly use star sculpting not the thick sulpting. i did my first client using this gel this morning and alls i seemed to...
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    lash tint help

    hya, im already doing this as i was tought the same way. i could do it perfect at collage but for sum reason on the last 2 tints i got tint in one eye. i make sure that the tint is not overloaded on the lashes as i must admit i looked over my college notes and maybe thats what i was doin wrong...
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    lash tint help

    thanku x:)
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    lash tint help

    hya, can anyone help me, i not long finished my college course last may, and have now set up a home salon doing beauty and nails. i have a couple of clients who wanted lash tint . the tint went on very well and didnt go in the eye, its when i take the tint off it seems to go in the clients eyes...
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    hya im sorry i didnt get back sooner ive only just noticed the vistor message lol.. im still...

    hya im sorry i didnt get back sooner ive only just noticed the vistor message lol.. im still trying to get the hang of this site. xx
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    Is a launch party a good idea if mobile?

    hya, im just wondering if having a launch party for my home salon and mobile business a good idea? it would be at my local pub as my home salon would be to small. i was thinking it my draw in clients or am i barking up the wrong tree? i would do demostrations, have tester products on show...
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    Am I doing my business harm?

    hya, please dont give up... i feel the same, im a newbie to the beauty industry only completed courses earlier this yr. i to am taking to long on treatments. nails enhancement im taking over 2 hrs also nail art and make-up im going over time. but with time im sure we will get quicker..i have 6...
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    Are facials popular if you're mobile?

    thankyou for all your comments its helped me loads:)
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    Are facials popular if you're mobile?

    oh thanks for the advice, could i ask what product range u use, theres so many thx :)
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    Help! VTCT in cosmetic make up

    hya, ive just finished a vtct in cosmetics at stafford college in the evening. the age range was i are class from 18 onwards , im 34.. the course was fab. it doent matter if you havent even appied makeup before they show u how.. also in the course you do mini facials, eye treatments, such as...
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    Make up help

    hya, i was told at college to use green concealer first. :lol:
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    Are facials popular if you're mobile?

    hya, i was wondering if any one can give me sum advise. im just setting up my mobile business doin manicures, nail extensions, eye treatments, make up, and facials ect. the problem is that ive been advised that facials arent very popular among mobile therapists, is this true?:confused: i would...