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    Bio Sculpture sculpting question

    I've just inquired about bio for the same reason, I only offer Brisa light at the mo but not may have it, so was looking into other options
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    Show us your website!

    I would love any feedback on my site, im just not sure it say what i want but im not very good with this sort of thing, Thanks. X
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    Wowcher/Groupon for residential salon?

    Yes id thought about if shes confident enough to up sell, but ive spent more on adds in the local paper and got nothing, so at lease you can cap it to a few clients, thanks for your help, definitely worth more thought x
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    Wowcher/Groupon for residential salon?

    Thanks, good to hear from our side so to speak, i have a junior doing level 3 im going to start a column for in the next month so could be good for her,
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    Wowcher/Groupon for residential salon?

    Hi do are you still a member, this company has rang me today was it really as good as they say? 😏 Thanks x
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    Beauty Salon Software

    Im just in the process of leaving salon clarity looking in to new software sorry no help at this point just i also found them very frustrating x
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    Salon Clarity, Phorest?

    Hi did you take this system on? If so how how are you finding it?
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    Salon rules

    I do get the difference, not sure why you think i dont,
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    Salon rules

    I know, i think my girls are probs more like sub contractors any way as i find the work ect
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    Salon rules

    I like it, sub contracting where could i find out more about this and contracts ? Thank you
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    HD - am I too late?

    I feel exactly the same i would have like to have done the training years ago when i did lashes, but the lashes didn't take of that well for me do more now but thats why i didn't at the time, since then i thought id missed the boat with it but wen to an open evening at HD HQ in Yorkshire and...
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    Staff incentive ideas please!

    Interesting, I'm looking to give my girls something for retail as they are on a very good % self employed, haven't done it up till now due to the good % but thought about a prize rather than commission any input would be great, sorry to hijack x or should they just be great full of the good % ;) ?
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    Salon rules

    Thanks guys xx
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    Salon rules

    I thought so, but I've been on a management course today and was told we should always have a rule book, we still have other salon rules you know normal ones but wondered about getting this in, just for them to consider the salon at these times,
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    Salon rules

    Hi guys can you please help I am wanting to put together some rules, the guys in the salon are self employed so I under stand I can't tell them what hours to work ect but can I tell them I want x amount of notice for days off and one at a time for holidays and to avoid busy times like Xmas, or...