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  • Hi if u fancy being neighbours on facebook games, its easy to find me just search
    Katy Missmanicure Goodwin
    Hi just wondered if you made any diet changes with Aspartame .... I haven't had any pain or trouble with muscle ache what so ever, hope your well. xxx
    Hiya noticed your comment on my blog re; Aspartame, honestly I was in agony with terrible muscle ache and pain in my hands & all joints after 4 days of totally cutting it out and I mean checking everything I noticed a difference and now nearly 4 weeks on I am honestly pain free and just have the normal unfit & age related aches that anyone can expect to have, would be interested to hear hoe you get on, hope it makes a difference. xx
    Hiya, thanks so much for watching my youtube vids! Hugely appreciated! I totally hope you enjoy the course. All the best xxx
    Excellent - but remember - walk first before running. This site is a wealth of info but get the ground work done first and then practise practise. I hope the NHS sorts you soon.!! TAKE GOOD CARE :hug:
    Hiya! Yes I did my course in Poole, I went to Poole Adult Learning for all my courses. They are quite intense and there's alot of coursework involved but its all worth it in the end because you learn all the background behind what you are doing etc which is essential! There are some quick courses that cram it all in a few days but i dont get how you can learn everything you need to know in such as short space of time..
    If you go to the borough of poole website, search for adult learning there should be a link to them somewhere on there where you can either view current courses available or contact details so you can request a prospectus...
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