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    Hand cream for retail

    I've been asked by some of my clients if I can sell hand creams. I'm struggling to find some that are small enough for the handbag but not too expensive. Do you love people have any recommendations?
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    Nail files for natural nails

    I am looking for recommendations for decent nail files to shape the natural nail, and ones that I can also retail to my clients. Any suggestions would be fabulous.
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    Nail art tools

    Thanks everyone, so it's definitely worth investing in some of your tools.
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    Nail art tools

    Brushes mainly so I can do some freehand. I'm happy with the dotting tools that I've got.
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    Retail from home salon

    I'm thinking of starting up a home salon doing beauty and nails including acrylics and hard gels. What I would like to know is, is it worth having some retail products? If so, what for example, cuticle oils, skincare products. You opinions/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Nail art tools

    I'm starting to get in to more nail art. I have a cheap eBay set which is ok but not that brilliant. Is it worth investing in decent tools? If so, which ones do you recommend?
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    Product recommendations

    I think upgrade some of the products, especially the facial and mani/pedi stuff. The products we used at college were cheap. I think that I just want to have nicer products and ones that actually work. Thank you for your suggestions I will have a look at those.
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    Product recommendations

    Hi, I've just qualified as a Level 2 Beauty therapists. I will be providing treatments from home as well as working part time in a salon. I will be offering the following treatments: Manicures Pedicures Facials Waxing Lash/brow tint Gel polishes So I was wondering what products you...
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    Acrylic training courses

    I did a 2 day acrylic course to see how I felt about doing acrylics, I loved it and I have now enrolled on the vtct L3 nail tec course at college. It's best to do the year long course as you cover more and it gives you a chance to get help from your tutor if you are struggling in any areas, if...
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    Coloured acrylic powders

    I know, it’s crazy much there is to learn. I’m using The Edge Olympic Full Well tips as I’m a full well kinda girl. I only qualified at the end of February do I’m still learning x
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    Coloured acrylic powders

    Thanks everyone! I've ordered a couple from both glitterbels and cjp to see how I get on with them x
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    Coloured acrylic powders

    Morning! I've not long completed my acrylic course using The Manicure Company products. Hey are ok but they don't have much in the way of colours (clear, white and a couple of pinks). I'm looking at getting some colours but I'm unsure which brand to try out. Who do you all recommend bearing in...
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    Lash extensions or lash lift?

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling to decide on doing either lash extensions or lash lift. I've nearly completed my level 2 Beauty Therapy course at college and they are doing short day courses on the above. I want to do more nails than anything else but I'm wondering if it worth having one of the...
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    Acrylic training

    Hi, I'm starting my two day acrylic training this week. I was wondering what's everyone's tips for successful application of acrylic and what to master first (if you get my meaning). I know that practice is the key and when I think I've done enough practice then I'm to practice even more! I'm...
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    Is there a recruitment crisis/shortage of beauty therapists?

    I had a chat with someone who owns a couple of salons in the area and she's offered me a job and is willing to mentor/train me while I am at college! She used to teach Beauty Therapy at college and loves the fact that I'm older. So a big thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement! X