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  • Hi Steph, Sorry for late reply, just noticed your message. I use Sleek Lashes products for eyelash extensions, fantastic quality at a good price. x
    That's really good to hear steph as I've been trying decide for months what extra treatment to offer, I think it would be perfect for my area as it's quite country so only few have extensions!
    Hi Steph, I just saw your post as I have been away. I find the Perfector really good. I think the secret is to really get hold of the skin - don't be afraid of it. The only programme I tend to miss out is the lymph drainage one. I also concentrate on the problem areas so the client sees a result. Regards

    Hi Steph,

    Thanks for the picture comment.
    I mixed Gel 80 (black glitter) with Gel 07 (pink) to get a glittery silver grey. I then stamped over it with a very old Jessica nail varnish called Ultravoilet from their Chrome range.
    Carol x
    Thanks! those were done with L&P, not gel. but with gel, I just fix some glitter into gel, and apply straight away. None of the dipping sprinkling business for me. Then I save what's left over in teensy pots. No waste :)
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