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  • Hey petal yes thank you, back in heels :) how you getting on with your back? Hope your ok xxx
    Hey petal how's the back going!? Hope your recovering well, thanks for the heart and glad your liking your new case :) xxx
    Ah no poor you, hope they work and you start feeling yourself soon, foot almost normal although not sure ill be in heels for a while!! hope your being well looked after x x x
    Ah good it went well, hope your resting and not trying to do colour wheels at the moment, you need to rest rest rest.
    sending get well wishes hun x x x
    wow that must be a big op?poor you, will you be out of action for a while? hope it goes well xx im just getting over foot op i had four weeks ago xxx
    Hi there how's you? Thanks for the heart was beginning to think they were not very good! Haha xx
    The funny thing is I don't think some arguing use the product anyway! Crazy! Foot still sore so relaxing weekend for me, hope you have a fab weekend Hun xxx
    Ah hope you will be ok, I've just had op on my foot last week so been resting with that,btw how lovely to offer your lamp, why more can't be like this I don't no! Sometimes I think some people enjoy the arguing! Xx
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