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  • thanks for the heart. just wanting to share some tips, particularly for newbies to hard wax
    Aw thank you. It's a difficult one isn't it? xx
    I guess why not! Did you read about the vit dose being used too? i cant find where i seen it, maybe i dreamt it!
    The nails are getting harder and harder to get off so fingers crossed we find something that works, im doing mine tomorrow or thu so will also try on myself, good luck tomorrow x x
    Hiya Steph, just checking your routine, so you do everything as normal, use scrub fresh then apply exc base? been intresting to see how it goes. x
    Hi Steph
    Was just going through the forum and saw your nude colour post. Did you go for Ivory Beige in the end? I am stuck between Nude 2003 or the Ivory Beige? Was just wondering if you got Ivory Beige how it is to work with?
    Let me know if you have a min
    Thank you
    Any help much appreciated. Thank you!
    Although my removal is getting better I've done one today & it was an hour.
    The gel was sticking to the tip of the nail. Must be a bit thicker there... Or I'm not removing enough.
    I've read lots of posts on here re removal. They all sound so easy! I've just started using heat... But they certainly not just falling off!!!
    & I'm there forever making sure that EVERY tiny bit if gel is off :-(((
    I've a mate next week wanting gels off & new overlays.
    She'll be here all day!!!
    What do you charge your clients if you don't mind me asking?!?! XXX
    Hi Steph,

    I think that the cost of the gels is £6 per person. This doesn't cover couch roll, cuticle remover, handcream, electric etc, so I would say as a minimum charge £10 to cover costs.
    I made the mistake of only charging £5 per set when I started training and then found it hard to put my prices up!
    Hi Steph,
    Can I just ask you if you leave a small gap at the side nail wall?
    They told us to cover entire nail in training.
    Very easy on an ackrylic nail. Not so easy on real nails, as it ends up bleeding into skin area.
    Same on cuticle? Trainer told us to go right to cuticle. Finding bleeding there too!!!
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