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  • Hi I’m currently mobile spray tanning an thinking of becoming a trainer , just wondering if u have any vacancies for this Widnes / Liverpool area , or any information of how to go about this thanks
    Hi steve I dropped my ts20 spray gun and now nothing comes out when I try to spray but when I turn the whole thing off it splatters solution everywhere (all over my kitchen) can you tell me is this a write off and should I get a new one or can it be fixed for less? Thanks

    Steph x
    Steve hasn’t visited Salon a Geek since early last year, so you may find it quicker to email Nouvatan direct: [email protected]
    Hi Steve, I hope you don't mind me messaging you but you seem to be an expert on Ts50 spray tan guns :).

    Mines been splattering, so I've taken it apart, cleaned it but it doesn't seem to be going back together properly. The needle is screwed in then the silver bit that goes onto the needle is very difficult to push right back, so there is about a 5mm gap, it's not tight no matter how hard I try pushing it. I then out on the grey bit, then the black bit doesn't seem to want to go on, despite me pulling the trigger back. I think I've completely knackered my gun as none of the bits feel comfortable going back together. What do you think I have done wrong?

    My husband did completely take the gun to bits. Do you think he may have dislodged something as I know there was a spring inside? Not that I'm blaming him of course!

    If you can help in any way I'd be most grateful. Thanks

    Julie - Shimmer Beauty.
    Hey i know your very good with giving information about spray tans etc and was hoping you could help me with a little situation, on friday night i went to do 3 spray tans for girls i do every so often, done everything normal first spray tan went great, second one everything was goin fine but didnt seem to be takin to her skin much so i turned it up a little it worked for maybe her two legs then started goin speckly so i turned it back down it was still speckly, onto the 3rd girl and still doin the same as the tans dried they wernt so bad however i did apologise and said if the tans remained like this after washin etc to give me a text and i would respray them. so i got home and was cleanin out my gun when i took the tube out that goes from the gun into the pot a lot of solution started to pour out? ive never had this before but i always clean my gun correctly as i followed your ts50 gun cleanin video? i did notice though that you used a little tool to take the smallest peice out n clean it i didnt get one of those tools and would that be the problem? i think i may have a small hole in my hose also?
    Thanks for sending my recent order with the 5008 gun Steve, much appreciated infact straight out of the box and used that afternoon!
    Can I be cheeky (as you havent requested any money) and ask for you to place the replacement helia gun in with my next order as it wasnt in with this last one please? Im in no hurry for it, although some of my customers prefer it as its a warmer/gentler spray Im not a fan of it, so it will only be my backup gun mainly anyway. Would you like me to return the original helia I received with the turbine/package I bought at last yrs beauty show? Its leaks terribly, I dont want it mended or anything, but just thought you may need them back to return to supplier if you can get a refund.
    Thanks a million, once again you are all such a supportive team to work with, Im forever thankful I found you that day and you came to my rescue! Lyn
    You are a diamond Steve, I was clutching at straws but you have made my day with that news about the guns thank you. Im goining to order tomorrow anyway only just discovered you are having a 20% off day, so gonna get the solutions in for prom season, cheers, Lyn
    Hi Steve, Know its a long shot - do you have an odd gun lying around (from the 5008) I could buy pls? I asked you a yr ago, but continued to struggle on with the new ts50 gun as backup. I still love my first gun when I bought the maximist and would ideally like to have another one as backup instead. The helia gun just leaks, pours solution out so it drips through the cover I have to place over the cup, its done this intermitantly since Ive had it, but its just got too bad to work with now. And I just dont feel as comfortable holding the helia gun for long periods of time as I do the 5008 gun. Daft I know, but daft I am, so if you can help, please get in touch.
    Thanks a million, 'Hi' to Dawn for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE The new branding by the way - the black/white gold looks fabulous and classy!! lyn
    Hi Steve,
    Can you point me in the right direction to view the Dreamweave POS stands please - I'm interested in becoming a stockist.
    Thanks, Ann
    Hi been looking to purchase some Nouvatan samples wanted to get the 16% and 20% pack but just wondering if this comes with £10 voucher for first order as it says so on the other 2 packages but not this one? Thanks
    Hi it does vary on how tight the front ring is and on what solution you are putting through the gun. tighten the front ring up hand tight then unloosen a few mm and then put the trigger on between 4 and 5 and this will work for most solutions, I saw you had probs with it leaking out of the trigger as well,If this is happening its because you have unfortunately purchased a faulty machine, there was a bad batch of gland seals in the second batch of the ones that were manufactured, the makers of the Gun earlex are aware of this and will replace the gun for you
    Hi Steve

    I have just watched your amaingly helpful video on cleaning the TS50 but I didn't hear you mention what the optimum setting was for this gun like you do for the TS20.

    I would be very grateful if you could guide me as to what number(ish) in the dial you would use with this gun.

    Many thanks
    Lorraine x
    Hi, i was wanting to know if you know of anywhere doing nouvatan in the chippenham area, I'm looking at starting mobile tanning, but I've never tired nouvatan and would like to see what its like first?
    Hi Steve, have recently registered with Nouvatan. Before I buy, can you please tell me where your training is based in Surrey? Many thanks. Fiona
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