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  • Hi Steve, just wondering if you will have a full stock of solutions at Beauty UK? I'm converting from Sienna and would like to purchase a few differents %'s. Rhiannon x
    Hi I am new here !! I am wanting to buy a spray tan machine and really dont know we're to start, I have narrowed it down to maximist but what one is the best

    Thank tou
    Hi steve :) will you be at beauty uk at birmingham this may? I cant seem to get the exibitors list up on my ipad :/ Want to buy a new machine and possibly covert to nouvatan from sienna! Thanks, Amy :)
    hi steve, just wondering have you a distributor here in ireland. i was interested in getting some samps off you if at all possible. thanks . susan
    Hi, I was told your the expert to ask regarding the new maximist T50 (the black one) what position should the dial be at. I just used it on 3 and did 2 coats. Help appreciated. Thank you x
    Hi Steve! I've just order a load of solutions from Nouvatan yesterday and was just wondering how long they take to arrive? I'm desperate to start using your stuff as mines crap!! xxx
    Cant wait to start my training with your company at the end of this month!! excited muchly! :)
    hey steve would really love to try your solution tried to order on your website but i live in nc -can u please help my email addr is thanks
    Hi Steve, was lovely to meet you at pro beauty today. Thank you for taking time to talk to me and for the samples. Looking forward to trying them out! Xxx
    Hi Steve, I read your post on the thread I started & my heart goes out to you. I was in a dark place for the first year & could not see an end to feeling like that. Gradually, with the help of councilling & medication I began to shed the dark cloud.
    Its just over 2 years ago now & I started my business to give me a focus & because its something I have always wanted to do. I previously thought I was too old to start something new.
    I know its with us every day, but you somehow find a way to live with that feeling.
    On another note, I notice that you are a novatan trainer. I am wanting to set up as a spray tanner, I have got the hvlp5008, but still need training & to decide which tan to use. How much is the training with you?
    Thanks Cath
    Hi , was wondering if you are doing training in Wakefield area?. i did some training near me with a beauty training school but i didnt learn much. i have a beauty room you could use if you needed somewhere in Wakefield for the course. thanks,Paula.
    HI Steve, can you give me a price for this pls? NO rush at all, will consider this, im going to get even busier this yr!
    My busiest night N.Y.E....4 power cuts!! 22 booked in back to back managed 4 the rest apart from 2 came back on the Sat thank goodness, but feel may get a second machine in case mine ever went down for any reason (obviously not in a power cut derrr)!! Im due more solution, but will give Dawn a call probably next week, when Ive caught up a bit.
    Thanks a lot sorry not replied sooner only just come across the 'private message' section by accident and read your message,
    P.S tell Dawn we have just built another new room off the new room off the kitchen so we go straight across the back of whole house now she will laugh we have a new new room! may tan from it eventually, if I can be bothered to move everything,
    Hi Steve, is there any spray tan training near Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire please?

    Hi ya do you repair true spray 200 was using it tonight mid tan and it stopped working checked the fuse etc but no joy
    hey im very new to this. can you tell me if the maximist xl and hv5008 are the same machine if not what are their differences and which out of the two is the better one to purchase? thanks
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