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  • Hi Steve, because I love the 5008 so much and its being discontinued would you advise I purchase a second spare one? How does the 5008 compare in price to the new machine that will supercede it? Will the new machine be similar? thanks Steve, Lyn
    Hi Steve

    I hope you don't mind me messaging you. I have just received my tan machine - yesterday....don't know where to start with the, I digress! Could you tell me the best tanning tent supplier to use? I would like as cheap as poss, but a good tent.

    S :)
    Hi Steve I was wondering if I could get some more info about your spray tan. Is it possible to get samples? Thanks
    Hi, have you heard of the HVLP 5008 gun having problems? I am on my 2nd gun in little over a year. I clean it after every spray tan session, usually, at most 3 clients at a time but usually after each client. I spray it through with warm water but it seems to clog at every session these days resulting in me losing my confidence in tanning. When the gun intermitently starts working again, it splatters spots all over my clients. Not a good look and highly unprofessional! I like the machine, this is my only problem. It happened with my last gun but i took that one completely apart and lost a tiny but essentail plastic bit down the plughole and didn t realise i could buy parts so invested in a new gun. Same issue both times though! Any idea's? I had been using a couple of different products through the gun but that shouldnt surely have cause the clogging when it was washed through in between product change? Any help woould be appreciated. You seem to know what you are talking about so hope you dont mind me asking! :D
    Hi Steve - I'd like to start tanning but as I've had so many disastrous spray tans in the past, I want to make sure that the product, equipment & training I choose is excellent so' my clients won't be disappointed (as I have been!) - any chance you could give me info on what your company offers? Many thanks, Jo
    hi was just wondering if i could have some samples sent out plz would really love to try this spray tan on my clients ! :)
    Gees, that took some finding! Brass nut unscrew half a turn and black dial set at 6/7 o clock! Thanks for your posts, you are a star!
    Hi Steve, I hope you don't mind me contacting you. You recently gave some advice in a thread about gun settings which was really helpful but now I can't find the thread! I have the black dail at the back if the gun set at 6o clock but have been buggering about with the brass nut and now not sure where it should be! You are apparently the man to ask!! Thanks v much, Amy
    part 2
    I know there are many firms offering spray tan solns & I chose 2 contact Nouvatan because I had read some great reviews. I am sorry 2 say that this experience falls far short of the excellent service reported by others and I hope you don't mind me bringing this to your notice.
    I look forward 2 your comments.
    Hello Steve, forgive the approach but I have seen yr name many times & thought u may be able to help. 9 June I enquired via nouvatan www about samples. In the past I've had disastrous tans & want 2 make an informed choice about what 2 offer clients. My msg was responded 2 by Sarah Bond "in the absence of Dawn Plummer". Sarah offered a model place on Trowbridge tan course (43miles from home) 2 c if I liked product. That day was my tan training so couldn't do. Sarah asked where I was being trained & must have looked up the course as she asked if I had paid already as it was £130. Having run my own successful customer facing firm (different discipline) for 8 yrs I had got a lower price & advised her of this on June 10th. Since then I have had no further contact. I have begun tanning with OMG liq & HVLP Pro700 & have contacted only 4 co's 4 samples - not trying 2 take the mick, just want 2 make an informed decision. 2 date, I have only received a sample from sienna x & when I chased Dawn this pm reply said I cld order samples via the website - which I had done in the 1st place!!!!!
    Hi do you have website and tele number please - or am I being dim and cant see it?thanks
    Hi Steve was wondering if I could get some samples to try, I have heard good things about your products and would like to see before I add on the tanning business. Thanx!
    hi steve ... im a fake bake trained but never got time to actually do tanning... iv heard great stuff abt nouvatan and would like like to purchase a kit ... could you help refresh my mind!!
    regards rabia x
    Hi Steve, i've just done my spray tan training and have heard great things about nouvatan, do i order samples from you or do i have to order them through the website? Thanks Niki x
    Hi Steve, Hopefully I'm a future FakeBake convert :o)). Would like to try a sample of the tans if poss (although judging from peoples opinions I think its going to be fab!) How do I go about this and one question I have is that with FakeBake you had two choices, original or dark and I never really bothered with original as it was too light so how do you determine what percentage to use, one persons idea of dark is not anothers (don't want to be tanning someone really dark when dark to them is my idea on natural !) Also, I'm FakeBake trained, I take it I don't need the Nouvatan training to be able to order from you? Sorry lots of questions, many thanks Heather
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