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  • Hi Steve, could you send me a price list and some info on Nouvatan please? Thanks Dawn x
    Hi steve after reading lots of feedback for Nouvatan I would like to try it for my new business. How or who do I get a sample or buy a small quantity? Hop x
    hahaha, cheers Steve, really appreciated. Just seen your post on Facebook too. Really looking forward to trying it out. And then gonna start spamming my friends on facebook like mad! I've got an offer on my website, for spray tans for £14 but that's to be taken with another treatment and I've got 2 extra peeps out of it. Will keep plodding away! ;))
    Hi Steve

    just about to start up tanning business, thinking about HVLP5008 machine but no clue about solutions to use, can you please give me some advice, anything will do, also do you train in scotland??
    Hi just thought i would say hi and i have just completed a fake bake course but after hearing all the good comments about your products think i am going to try out Nouvatan
    We love Nouvatan in my salon!!! I am wearing it now and the colour is just perfect!
    I would just like to say that nouvavtan is the best tan around, my clients absolutely love it, the tan is such a great colour.Since my training in September i have been building up a small client base as i also work full time, i am now taking the steps to go self employed and have been advertsiing like mad, i have had 6 new clients book in this weekend and further 4 next week on top of my regulars, i would just like to say that the support and advice and customer service you receive from nouvatan is brilliant, they always pick up the phone and ready to help. Thanks nouvatan
    Steve, saw your post about your hands and I'd gladly have a look at your hands/nails - I like a challenge!! Birmingham's too far for me mobile, but I work a salon day in Alcester on a Thursday. Think about it... ? :)
    Hi Steve/Dawn

    Im a complete newbie, i have had ALOT of spray tans in the past and now im pregnant I want to do this mobile or from home. Can you tell me what you offer and where I will have to travel to get the training. (i live in swindon)

    Thanks so much
    Kelly x
    Hi Steve, I bought ur maximist machine which arrived 2day and bought a couple of samples, 8% & 12% my plan is to have all 8,10 & 12% in stock but don't really want a litre of each, ideally 8 & 12 in 500ml and 10 in a litre do u have any 500ml btls? Loved the smell of the solution but not washed it off yet but so far so good, I've been using xen tan for quite some time so not used to dealing in different solution percentages, any advice would appreciate thanks Kelly
    Hi..Ive just sprayed 2 of my tester bodies with the samples that came last week. Looking good so far..!Could you tell me please if you have any plans to do solution in 500 ml bottles as I have just started out and am loathe to have 2 litres sitting in my fridge for a while? Also what is the shelf life after opening please, as it seems to vary by brand from 6 to 12 months.. Many thanks..
    Hi I was just on your website looking at solutions. I use Tantrick just now but am finding that 12% isnt dark enough for some people so quite keen to try your 14% after reading a lot posts about it. As far as I could see, your trial packs only include 10% and 12% is that right? If I was to order a wee sample pack, could I substitute the 10% for a 14%? Thanks
    hi steve, i spoke to your wife dawn.. last week and we arranged for me to do my spray tan training at my home in grimsby around the last week of august, if it is possible could i change this to the end of september? i still really want to do the training but lack of money this month is preventing it from happening :( thanks x
    Steve i just wanted to give you a big thanks for the advice given about my maximist machine, much apprechiated x x x
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