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  • HI Steve

    Can you let me know how much a maximist machine and solutions cost to NI fr us geeks. or how would i go about obtaining this. Thnks

    Hi Steve, I need advice & hope you can help me pls? I've recently been trained by Nouvatan & I've been doing practice tans on my friend, sister & mom. Ive noticed sometimes when I spray the solution it runs on their skin do u think I'm either too close to them when spraying or I have my gun turned up too much so too much solution is coming out or a combination of both or something else? Also I spray them all over & I check & then double check after that everywhere has been sprayed with the guide colour but when they wash it off they get a whiter patch somewhere like on their shin/lower leg etc any ideas why this might be happening? One last thing (sorry) the tan doesnt last that long on them ive noticed peoples comments on here that it lasts about a week on some people but the people Ive sprayed it seems to be on for 2 days then starts to go scaly & then is really hard to exfoliate off so they look like a snake shedding their skin for about a week. Ive checked theyre exfoliating before their tan & moisturising twice a day after with non-oil based products so could it be something else? I really could do with your advice & help if you dont mind?

    Thank you

    Sally x
    Hi Steve, Does Nouvatan sell the maximist HV5008? Can you get shipping to Ireland?
    Thanks x
    Awww thanks Steve,I dont resemble a white Westie after all eh!!!LOL.

    Just to say I loved your tanning solution and so did my clients.I will be placing an order as soon as funds allow.Thankyou for sending the samples.
    My client/model for one of the samples is a hairdresser and tells me she had loads of comments,people thought she had been on holiday as it was such a lovely golden tan.x
    Just to say what a wonderful,professional wife you have.Totally lovely and cant wait to try your solution.x
    Cooooo eeeeee Steve!!!! a little birdy told me you had Irish blood in you??.. come on and join our Irish group for the craic... we need a few new members :D
    It was well deserved hun, I spent a few hours with Dough Schoon, 3 seminars worth and I fully understood the theory to the point of being willing to buy one of these lamps but I couldn't have put it into plain English the way you did. xxx
    Eh Steve,should you not be a member of the Irish Group then?
    Lovely lot we are -all speaking -As Gaeilge- as if!
    Steve I live in Naas Co Kildare- but a Dub all my life.After 14 YEARS in Kildare I am still considered a blow in!!(translation-newbie!)
    The Oneills= Kings of Ireland!
    hi steve i have bought a spray tanning unit and was wondering if u have any samples of your tanning solutions to give away?? many thanks i would love to try some x
    Hey Steve, Just wondering if you guys deliver to Ireland? Im having trouble with LA Tan and would love to try Nouvatan.. Cant see on your website whether you do or not!
    Hi Steve, got your pm and replied thanks.Just to clarify,I wasn't feeling rubbish because of the thread lol.I was feeling rubbish because I have a stinking cold and a headache from hell.Take care x
    Hi Steve, glad Dawn's recovered, I'm having nightmare problems with my broardband, so I'm out of the loop until I can get my mobile phone to log in to Salon Geek, it keeps telling me I have the wrong password, so, I'm at the Brum show, sunday, the event the weekend after that and my son is home from Afghanistan the week after that, providing the flights are back to normal. So somewhere in there I will give Dawn a call and sort something out, oh yer, I knew I was forgeting something, my road tax runs out at the end of this month and I'm supposed to be getting an exemption badge now I'm officially handicapped so if the badge doesn't turn up in time, I will have to sorn the car until it does. Someone somewhere is laughing their head of at me. Take care to you and Dawn, I'll sort myself out at some point. xxx
    Haha RATS! so it was back to maizy now lol ! yeah find it diffcult to try to get out of the routine of 2 coats but shall be trying really hard not to !x
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