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  • getting a new gun sent out tomorow spoke to a lady this afternoon and she was great on the phone, just need to watch the air hose this time ! thanks for your help !x
    great pictures...i get so many people who put their arms against their body and get big blobby marks and its like ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH so if you dont mind i am going to print them out and put the up in salon? x
    You are welcome Steve, and i do appreciate your comments on that post!!! Very realistic and down to earth!!! Thanks for saying what i thought :O))
    Hi, Just wondered if you could give me a bit of info on the starter packages Nouvatan is offering at the mo? I have been looking on the website and wondered what % of DHA solution it is thats offered with the spray tan kit priced at £340?
    Thanks for the rep Steve... I did smile at your comment, but its not so much of me knowing my own mind.. but knowing only too well the irritating person my comments were directed to!!!

    Happy Crimbo :hug:
    I think he is heading off to Oz then Steve, but after that you are more than welcome to have him xxxxxxx
    Sorry I just missed you on chat; was on another browser window and didn't realise you sent me a message in time!
    Hi Steve
    Thanks for your message, Dawn did tell me about your boys, life can be so cruel.
    Hopefully next week will be a better one.

    Hope you and Dawn have a great weekend x x x
    you are very welcome. I dont do spray tanning myself but interested in it, but there are so many out there of who to go with lol
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