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    Hvlp 5008

    Hi Its been a while since i was last on SG. long story i took a back seat in the business and had a couple of years out travelling and Enjoying Myself. Me and Madame Nouvatan (Dawn) finally got married and lifes really good. I have now returned to work at Nouvatan and we have exciting...
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    Have you done Nouvatan or Sienna X training?

    We have 27 independent training venues nationwide.. and still offer one to one throughout most of the UK at your own premises
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    Is anyone doing Nouvatan?

    We are very Much still Going :wink2: Dawn has had a serious illness that is now thankfully over and we as a couple, have taken some time out from Nouvatan and left the company ticking over nicely in the hands of Sarah and Co. We have both returned to work Last week after almost 6 months out...
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    Spray tan gun

    They discontinued the TS50 last year. sounds like the seals near the trigger have failed. i have repaired 100s of them but we can't get the parts now unfortunately. Some good news however you can buy a different gun that replaces yours it just pops onto the end of the Hose and saves you buying...
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    New spray tanner looking for a solution, literally!

    Just one even coat is all you require with our tan, You should be using around 40ml per customer,from a litre of solution you will get over 20 tans if applied like this
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    Nouvatan Tan in a Can

    The Taninacan was a really hard concept to come up with as we didn't want to use any aerosols to propel the solution through the Nozzle. The solution is held in a foil bag within the can and the outside is just compressed Air Squeezing the foil bag. when you depress the Spray head on the bottle...
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    Certificates for spray tan solution samples!

    Our Training course is not brand Specific and people who train with us get a Beauty guild accreditation that allows people that have been on our courses to use whatever solution they wish(Why they would use anything else is beyond me lol:) and to gain insurances to operate professionally here...
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    Rapid tan machine settings

    Hi we have found No6 on the LED display and between 2&3 on the gun gives best results and minimal overspray With the Spray gun held about a hands length from the Skin you should be able to do an average body using about 40ml of tan :)
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    TS20 Spray Machine Leaking

    The TS20 had this common fault. the air intake on the top sucks in all the over sprayed tanning solution. there is a gap on the casing where the cable enters the machine and some air leaks from here as the seal isnt very good. and this is where the solution spills from. We have found that...
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    Spray tan client tomorrow need advice!

    Hi Becca just checked on our system for your order as we pay Inter link for next day delivery and i wasn't a happy bunny reading this It was a sample size 8% you ordered they go second class by royal mail it does say on the web shop 2 day delivery on samples. our advice would be not to use 10%...
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    Spray tan -which order?

    Thats Our son Luke in the video... He has 2 regrets in his life he was on hols in Majorca and ended up on telly doing Geordie shores in Magaluff and pulled one of the girls who are on the show... And the other is this video really haunts him LOL
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    Spray tan -which order?

    I have been dragged over hot coals.whipped. and i am well and truly in the doghouse for this post :irked: I had a few glasses of vino last night and this was meant to be a PM to the OP. not posted on the open forum.... DOH !!! The phones gone mad today with people who don't even use Nouvatan...
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    Spray tan -which order?

    We have a poster that all our trainees get with there kits, its like a paint by numbers guide to ensure they don't miss anywhere to hang in there treatment rooms … we've got 1000s of them knocking about upstairs. if you want one speak to the Sarah the despatch slave :smack::smack: she will kill...
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    T100 spray gun leaking, spares?

    it will be the gland seal thats perished they were made from leather in the t200. i did have spares and i repaired lots of them for other geeks but i used the last ones up over 12 months ago try Sienna they still stock the old t200 and they may have gland seals ? machines have moved on greatly...
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    Glam spray gun

    ARGHH !!! This is totally my fault, I sent a blanket email out to all the trainers about the settings on the glam machine, what it was supposed to say was gun on 1 and machine on highest setting.. But the way I wrote it, it could of been so easily misunderstood to of meant Gun on highest setting...