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    Dyson hairdryer

    I've just seen these today and watched a few videos to be honest they do look good for straightening and taming frizz but for body lift and movement it looks disappointing, most important tools to me is my scissors and dryer and I wouldn't pay £299 for a dryer I can get same results with my...
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    Best bleach?

    I love blonde soft for lifting black out with pastel
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    Slow cookers

    So they are safe to leave on while your out of your house?
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    Advice high lift tint

    I always use Alan Howard's I like the professionalism I get there, Sally's I find it too much like pay for it and just go
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    Slow cookers

    I need some advice on these slow cookers everybody is going on about, I'm getting home me at 7 after work and all I do is put some chicken in the oven and chop up some veg and put it in the stove it takes 2hours and it's taking the Micky now I'm not sitting down to eat my dinner until 8.30 9pm...
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    Cruise ship

    Was the pay any good?
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    Which Wella highlift?

    I would use 12/1 and 12vol
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    I am done with the hairdressing trade, I'm off!

    I think people get fed up sometimes in every profession, but there always new things to try.
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    My Christmas outfit for Birmingham 19th or 20th

    I went to Birmingham for the day few months ago, but I bet it's brill for a night out!
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    Employing staff

    College was a waste of time for me and most employers tbh. My employer will train a assistant and tell them to ignore most of the stuff they learn as its dead training in colleges.
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    Going rate for a hairdresser?

    I'm calling you zohan from now on by the way 😄
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    Going rate for a hairdresser?

    I get 7.80 so don't know what other salons get. Tricky when your a beauty therapist like zohan said you don't know the trade and standards of the hairdressing side.
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    Employing staff

    Hi. Is the employed lady on a trial? Like every month? Because when was employed I was reviewed every month to hit targets and also to see if I'm doing ok for rebooks. It is your responsibility to make sure she is getting busy and how her actual work standards in hairdressing are. How many days...
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    Question for American geeks

    Every country has a lawsuit but I find that America is a sue country. I've read only a few story's from americans saying you can't have any responsibility anymore there no point when a person can try and sue you for anything. Some Americans sued Mc Donald's for their advertising for making them...
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    Question for American geeks

    Aww sorry don't sue me 🎃