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    I really just wanted to know if techs like using it. I'm currently using Young Nails, but have found nfu and entity online here and they have heaps more colours and are a bit cheaper. I love giving my clients heaps of variety in colours. On the topic of colours, I was going to get a kit of...
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    Has anyone used this brand at all? Or know anything about it? Any info would be appreciated, thanks :)
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    What do I do for natural acrylic nails

    I'm tried searching for this but can't find it. Can anyone help please? :)
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    Water/aquarium/aqua nails

    Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial of these nails that are actually being done on a real person? Would be much appreciated. Thanks :)
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    One Brush - Two Monomers

    I guess I'd never looked at it like that before...thanks :)
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    One Brush - Two Monomers

    Ideally this is what I would like to do. Maybe I'll just have to get a new brush to trial the new product.
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    One Brush - Two Monomers

    Quick question: I have only used Retention with my brush but have been given some a sample pack of product from INM that I'd like to try out. Can I use the same brush in two different liquids? I can't afford to get a new brush at the moment. I think I read on here quite some time ago that it...
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    INM mix ratio

    I have been sent a trial kit of INM and just wondering what the mix ratio would be. I have only used CND in the past and have always used the 'going going gone' saying...does anyone used that? lol So just wondering if INM is used the same or dryer or wetter. I have tried it wetter as someone...
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    Pregnant, will I be able to do my course?

    From what I have be taught there shouldn't be a problem doing enhancements while pregnant. I did them for a short time while pregnant. Are you from Hamilton, NZ?
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    Imported Photos

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    Umm nail art? I haven't really done any. Where did you see that lol

    Umm nail art? I haven't really done any. Where did you see that lol
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    Solar Oil - How Do You Apply??

    i was taught to also put some under the free edge so it absorbs under there too....ive always done this at a treatment and recommend clients to do it at home too, i also do it for mine too.
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    Help my first nail biter.

    Nail biters are not my favourite either, and really dreaded doing a set my first time....but luckily my sister offerered her horribly bitten nails to be my first lol. She had the bulbous skin at the tips so had to saddle the tips to fit them. While they are hard work to do, they are also very...
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    Zone 2/3 going white

    Thankyou. I will get a pic up today if I can. I thought that if I tucked it under that would create a shadow along the smile line. I think i imagining it differently lol What things could is be if it was her?
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    Zone 2/3 going white

    Thanks for that geeg. Yes, I do swipe to sharpen up my smile line! I do this with every client. How can I ensure the nail is clean and dry without doing this? I know your going to say not swipe lol.....I think I better try and not swipe! Sometimes I get the smile line perfect, but out of...