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  • Just dropped in to say hi :). Recently started using Synergy. My first time working with hard gels and love Young Nails. I'm in the States and love SG. Even have started using British slang. Lol my smiles line are wonky and bits and bobs.
    Hey Lisa - How are you chick after our mental journey home - I had a fabby weekend - I wasnt sure what to expect but sooooooooooo glad I went now!! was gr8 to meet you.
    Hopefully see you again soon - (maybe at the open day??)
    take care - chat soon!!
    A x x x
    ps-your salon pics are totally fab!! you should be mega proud!!!!! x x x
    Hi Lisa, popped in to send you some BIG LOVE.
    Hope things with you are well, one of these days we should take the time to talk about our personal lives, there must be so much we still don't know about each other... but when we see each other there's always so much industry stuff to discuss!! - speaking of which, Shellac, OMG, I can't even begin...! I'm fresh off the training and my mind is bursting with info, give me a call if you fancy a heads up before the launch. As a Scottish CND Master Artist you are my next in command to spread the good word! :D
    BIG LOVE as always,
    Your welcome hunni it was well deserved.
    I am just so sorry that I managed to offend you it certainly wasnt intentional I love you to bits hun I hope you can forgive me xxxxx
    Ha ha, true, I saw your face, but lucky you escaped having to look at mine LOL!! I'm fine hun, rather excited at the prospect of the EVENT.......although feeling a little apprehensive, as the girl I was supposed to be going with has dropped out : o( and I don't really know anyone else.
    Hows the lashes?? xx
    Hi Lisa, was nice to meet you on Sunday....are you going to the Event, or is that a silly question???? xxx
    Hi Lisa

    It shouldn't take *too* long - is there any chance it has ended up in your spam folder?
    I just mailed you the image - taken from the PDF displaying at 100% size - as both a PNG and a JPG. I would recommend using the PNG though, as it's better quality and smaller in size...
    Yes, there are ways of doing that. Would you want me to do that for you or is that something you want to do yourself?
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