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  • not totally new but new things added - the fee's will give you the low down soon enough - don't worry you won't miis out I promise xxx
    Thats fantastic cant believe its all going to be done so quick!
    What time you going to the launch 10am or 1.30pm?
    I think I will head down in the morning there might not be as many people there then.
    Hi hun thanks so much for the comment we got such a shock we really didn't expect that.
    I am glad I have my masters to take my mind off it a bit.
    You heading down to the Colour Launch on the 6th?
    Hi Lisa....Did my pedicure...everythin went great although it did take me 2 hrs lol but she was pleased with it so not bad for 1st one. Thanks alot for your support it was truely appreciated x x
    Don't worry hunny, he is in his element and I tell you I had tears running down my face with him in his golf attire! Didn't want to risk Cec but he will go to her in Jan to America. Not a worry sweetheart xxxx :hug:
    Hi Stoney, that's OK, no worries at all; I have been working like a mad thing at this end anyway! Have a nice day off today though - it is our 4th wedding anniversary :)
    LOL nuthin sacred amongst geeks hehe. just got kicked off line for 5 minutes there, was not happy :-(. Hows plans goin???
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