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  • thankyou for the rep! i am jsut starting to undestand it all! :) only took a year.....:)
    Hi hun, just wanted to say thank you. I was lucky enough to train with CND first and so I have never had a problem with the nsi products, I did a 121 training day with them, which was great, but it was only by reading your reply to a thread that I have realised how lucky I am to have done my training the way I have. Its nice to have it all explained. Have I made sense lol?
    LOL - thanks for rep - I think I know what you were referring to but I believe the thread has been deleted.
    Don't think I'll ever recover from that trip pmsl.
    I'm good ta.
    How's you ?
    Sorry I couldn't be there for your re-launch. :hug: I heard it went really well. Congratulations!
    No, my life is jut too busy right now with school, so I won't be oing to Aberdeen. I've got too many reports and liaison visits and not enough time in the day to do it all! Shouldn't really be on here!!! Should be writing a report now. LOL At least I've got dinner cooking in the oven xx
    nothin much, bit of shopping and a set of nails (ano its sunday but its an emergency) LOL
    Great to hear regards catalogues....too many new products coming out just now to even think about printing one!!!...the website gets updated with everything new as soon as we have it, so it is the best place to keep up to date with products and prices.
    Great to see everyones pics...looks like your relaunch was a great success.
    Hope our samples have reached you and you enjoy having a wee play!!!
    Thanks hun I really enjoyed myself and was just glad that I could help not that I did much you had everything under control.
    We don't need an excuse to do it again we need to find somewhere between everyone and just have a ball :lol:
    BIG, HUGE, CONGRATULATIONS on the success of your night. Im sooooooo glad it went well for you. Speak soon. Looooooooove you. XXXXX
    I have done 2 days with Yvonne, a feww clients but not much!
    Shoulder is holding out got physio this week.
    Omg the pics you put on Facebook were fantastic :hug:
    You all sorted for the 15th?
    It was funny speaking to Montrose on msn :lol:
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