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  • The best person to help her would be Fiona (naturalnails), if Kimberley clicks on Contact Us at the bottom of the screen she'll be able to send a message to the site admin inbox and Fi can take it from there :hug: xxx
    Hi, its a bit late, but thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog the other day, much appreciated xx
    She cant be too much pain she is giggling up stairs with 2 of her mates they are staying over tonight as she was meant to be going to Dance Nation at the AECC but couldn't go so I felt sorry for her and got bullied into them staying!!
    I am sooooooo stressed!
    To be honest its not!
    Louise is ok her toes were straightened so all bandaged up and 2 weekly visits to the nurse for dressing changes.
    Hi lisa, just to say hello, i saw you a few weeks ago at creative and never got chatting , i was paired up with debi, annx
    call Landmark on 0208 4502020 and say that I told you to call Angela at Concia Concept Beauty, I alwsys tell them that I recommend Environ but I don't think they believe me lol.

    I am not sure which rep would cover your area it will either be Louise orLaura but Head Office will sort it for you. xxx
    just went to roo's boring!!! lol get fed up of the foor there..... guess wat i had?? lol :) eh Salmon my usual.......i had look at critiques got to forth page and couldnt find ures so gave up lookinglol.......if u cant tell me wat page it on then ill have look again......xxxxxx
    No i wasnt going out...only was going for the meal!......how do i get there? the white tip thing in the forum????? wtf?? lol xxxx
    Hey honey

    YN Will be a scottish beauty not only that but very very soon we will have our very own cash and carry/ one stop shop what ever you want to call it you can pop in buy you products and have a wee chat into the bargin lol
    I no!!!! im really hacked off had to hang up the fone speaking to her cause she annoyed me letting him treayt her and andrew like that!! yeah she said she just gonna let him take her wen ever he wants to keep the peice!!! aaarrrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!! HELP xxx
    Hey.....Change of plans were not getting cayla tonight as jamie phoned steph and said if u dont let me see Cayla when i want then im gonna kick andrew in every time you say no to me having cayla!!!!!!!! im totally fumin!! xxxxxx so hes taking her tonight xxxxx
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